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Other ways of playing:

"Best Of"

A hand can take as little as 5 minutes, so players, if desired, could play for the "best of 5" or "best of 10".

Banana Smoothie

This is a less hectic version of Bananagrams. All tiles are placed face down on the table. The letters are divided equally among players, remaining face down.

Players then play a game of Bananagrams, but without "peeling" or "dumping". The first player to use all of his/her letters shouts "BANANAS!!" and is the winner of that hand.

If the game ends in a stalemate, the player with the fewest remaining letters is the winner.

Banana Cafe

This version of Bananagrams is designed to be played in restaurants while waiting for service. Place the pouch on the table.

Each player takes 21 tiles from the pouch, and proceeds to play the regular game with "dumping" but with NO "peeling". The first player to use all his/her letters says "BANANAS!!!" and is the winner.

Banana Solitaire

This is a one player version of Bananagrams. Place all letters down on the center of the table. Take 21 letters and proceed to play the game. Only peel when needed.

Try to beat your own best time in using all 144 letters, or try making as few words to use all 144 letters. This can be a relaxing way of honing your Bananagrams skills.

Advanced players could create their own versions by limiting the acceptable words to a special category, such as animals, food and drink, etc.

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