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Rating: 8.4 Very Good
Players: 1-7 players
Playing time: 120-103 minutes

Created by: Galen Ciscell, Brent Dickman, Vincent Dutrait, Peter Gifford

Published by: Elf Creek Games


The isle of Atlantis, your home, is sinking. Will you be able to save your people in time?

Atlantis Rising is a co-operative worker placement game in which you must work together with up to five other players to deploy citizens across your homeland, gathering resources in order to build a cosmic gate that can save your people.

Workers placed close to the shoreline are more rewarding, but are more likely to be flooded and the actions lost.

Every turn, each player draws a misfortune card that will flood certain locations along the ever-shrinking Atlantis shoreline, or may otherwise work to undermine your efforts to save your people.

So you must race to gather the necessary resources to build and power the gate, before the island disappears beneath the waves forever.

This edition contains all new art and graphic design, created to bring even more attention to the thematic setting of the game. The Athenians Attack phase has been replaced with the Wrath of the Gods phase, requiring more strategic planning and adding to the sense of urgency.

Now, instead of placing workers in an Atlantean Navy, players must cooperatively decide to flood a set number of tiles at the end of each round. To further aid them in their task, Councilor player powers have been expanded and made more impactful, and the knowledge deck has similarly been revised and expanded.

The variable gate components, once built, no longer offer one-time bonuses, but create new worker placement spots where players can send Atlantean workers to unleash actions to help save their island.

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Atlantis Rising is a cooperative game, where players must work together as a team in order to win the game. You and your fellow players portray the leading citizens of Atlantis on the eve of its destruction.

Send your faithful followers out to various placements around the island to gather material resources and mystic energy or to use advanced Atlantean technology and mysterious ancient artifacts.

Using these resources and actions, you must work together to construct a cosmic gate capable of transporting the remaining population of the island to safety, before your civilization is lost forever to the sea. …

Playing at various Player Counts

4-7 Players

No changes to setup or gameplay.

3 Players

For a three-player game, vary the setup and gameplay as follows: during setup, each player receives four Atlanteans of their color (3 followers and 1 Leader), and sets another three into the reserve. Players may control up to seven total Atlanteans.

During the Suffer Misfortunes phase, after each player has drawn and resolved a misfortune, the starting player draws and resolves an additional misfortune.

2 Players

For a two-player game, vary the setup and gameplay as follows: During setup, each player receives five Atlanteans of their color (4 followers and 1 Leader), and sets another three into the reserve. Players may control up to seven total Atlantean followers. …

Q: How do effects like Ancient Atlas, Earthquake, and the Explorer's special ability interact?

A: Apply the effects in the order they occur. The Explorer's special ability is applied at the time of the dice rolL Regarding Earthquake, note that it is possible for a target number to be raised above 6.

If this happens, you will need to spend mystic energy or find another way to increase the value of the die rolL If a target number is reduced to below 1, your Atlantean automatically succeeds. …

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