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Q: How do effects like Ancient Atlas, Earthquake, and the Explorer's special ability interact?

A: Apply the effects in the order they occur. The Explorer's special ability is applied at the time of the dice rolL Regarding Earthquake, note that it is possible for a target number to be raised above 6.

If this happens, you will need to spend mystic energy or find another way to increase the value of the die rolL If a target number is reduced to below 1, your Atlantean automatically succeeds.

Q: Can you play a library card to avoid discarding due to exceeding your hand limit?

A: Yes. When your hand size exceeds four cards you may immediately play one or more cards.

Q: How do the cards Cipher of Expertise and Enigma of Alacrity work when a Leader is placed on a two-for-one placement spot?

A: The Leader takes its action again, as does the Atlantean with whom it has been placed, essentially activating that spot one additional time.

Q. Spirit Seal and Soul Terraformer both refer to followers, rather than Atlanteans. Can I use volunteers or Leaders on these worker locations?

A: Spirit Seal can only be activated using Atlantean followers. Volunteers, Leaders, the Hologram, and the Automaton cannot activate this component.

For Soul Terraformer, at least one of the two activating Atlanteans, the one removed from play, must be a follower. The other may be any type of Atlantean.

Q: What is considered a "resource"?

A: Atlantium, crystal, gold, and ore. Mystic energy is not a resource, even though it is required to build the Cosmic Gate.

Q: If I turn in resources at the Amplification Harbor, can I keep those that are returned?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I use the Spirit Seal to remove misfortune cards from the draw deck and the discard pile?

A: Yes, you may remove misfortune cards from both those locations.

Q: How does the Priest work at the Cities?

A: If the Priest is present on a Cities tile and the action fails, the player controlling the Priest may decide to have one or both dice rerolled, but may only attempt the action one additional time.

Q: Can the Emissary allow a third worker at the Cities?

A: Yes, but only 2 dice are rolled. But, if three players are present in this situation, they may choose a new follower from among any of those three councilors.

Q: Can I activate the Cities with only one Atlantean?

A: No. If one Atlantean stands alone at the Cities, they are returned to their player without taking their action.

Q: Where does the cultural imagery in Atlantis come from?

A: We imagined our Atlantis as an advanced civilization that fell at the dawn of the historic Bronze Age (circa 3300 BCE).

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, people from all over the world came there to call it home. Throughout history, whenever a civilization falls, its culture often influences the civilizations that rise in its place.

In the case of our Atlantis, we drew inspiration from the ancient Mino a civilization that many scholars suspect may have been the inspiration for Plato's Atlantis. Clothing, jewelry, art, and architecture are all largely inspired by the remains of this very real Bronze Age civilization.

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