Rating: 7 Good
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 4-8 players
Playing time: 60 minutes

Created by: Andrew Bryceson, (Uncredited)

Published by: Drumond Park Ltd., Nilco S.A., Ventura Games


Try to get your partner to say as many words from a particular category written on the cards within the thirty second time limit, you may only pass once. Move your team pawn forward a number of spaces on the board equal to the number of words you got correct.

If you land on an Orange or Red space, spin the spinner for a chance to move yourself 2 or 3 spaces forward, or move an opponent piece 2 or 3 spaces back. If you land on a spade space, try to get you team mate to say the word on the card before any other team can say it. Whoever answers correctly gets a turn immediately.

Categories include Person, World, Object, Action, Nature and Random. First team to make it around the board and successfully answer a spade category (chosen from any of the above) wins the game.

Retail Price:$40
Articulate Extra Pack No. 1

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