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For 2 To 5 Players

Note: this variant is best played by players with experience with both Zooloretto and Aquaretto.

The material from both Aquaretto and Zooloretto basic set is used.

For the preparation, use the following:

  • Place only as many trucks in the middle as there are players in the game (exception: with 2 players use 3 trucks).

  • Each player takes only 2 coins.

Follow all other preparation instructions as written in the rules for both games. That means, each player takes a zoo board, and a zoo expansion board, and a water zoo board, a depot, and 4 expansion boards. With fewer than 5 players, remove the recommended animal tiles from both games. Shuffle the tiles from the two games separately and build separate stacks with them.

Also, create two separate 15 tile stacks for the game end: one with 15 Zooloretto tiles and one with 15 Aquaretto tiles.

When playing the game, use the following:

A. Add a tile to a delivery truck

Placing tiles on trucks has the following restrictions:

  1. on each truck, players may place either only Zooloretto tiles or only Aquaretto tiles. When a player places the first tile on a truck in a round, he deter- mines which game's tiles will be placed on that truck in this round.

  2. in each round, at least one truck must have Zooloretto tiles and at least one truck must have Aquaretto tiles.

So, for example, if all trucks, but one already have Zooloretto tiles on them, players may only place Aquaretto tiles on the last truck.

B. Take a delivery truck, ending the round for the player

Taking a truck has the following restriction:

Important: In each round, a player may not take the first truck until at least one truck has Zooloretto tile(s) and at least one truck has Aquaretto tile(s).

During each turn, each player may still only take one delivery truck and it must have at least one face up tile on it.

Players may only place Zooloretto tiles in the zoo and Aquaretto tiles in the water zoo or depot. The normal rules for placing tiles apply. Players keep all their coins and coin tiles together. When using coins and coin tiles, it matters not which game they came from.

C. Carry out a money action

When a player chooses this action, he may only take a money action in his zoo orin his water zoo.

End of the Game

When a player draws the first tile from one of the two stacks with the woo- den discs, the remaining tiles from this stack are removed from the game at the end of the current round. Starting with the following round, players only draw tiles from the other game.

Note: then, also the restrictions for placing tiles and taking the first truck, are removed.

When a player draws the first tile of the second stack with the wooden disc, the current round is played as normal to the end.When each player has taken a delivery truck in this round the game ends and the players do the final scoring.


The water zoo and the depot are scored according to the rules as written in Aquaretto. However, apply the following exception: if the player has one or two cashiers, he receives the total points for all the coins he has, regardless of which game they come from.

The zoo and barn are scored according to the rules as written in Zooloretto. However, apply the following exception: if the player has a manager in his water zoo, he get only -1 point for each animal type in the barn.

Each player adds the results from the two games.

The player with the most points is the winner. Ties resolved as above.

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