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Gameplay Variant - Alternate Timeline

With the Alternate Timeline gameplay variant, players can add another strategic twist to the Warp phase.

After setting up the Timeline, turn each Timeline tile to its alternate (crimson-colored) side. Certain Warp slots on this side have bonuses or penalties associated with them.

When playing with the Alternate Timeline, players have to follow the standard player order (clockwise, starting from the First Player) when revealing and placing their hidden Warp tiles.

When it's a player's turn to reveal and place his Warp tiles, he must place them on the first available empty slot(s) in the order pointed out by the arrows.

If he chooses to place two Warp tiles at once, he may choose the order in which he places them. If a Warp tile is placed on a slot with a bonus or penalty symbol, the player immediately receives that bonus or penalty.

The following bonuses can appear on the Alternate Timeline tiles:

Inspiring Message: Gain 1 Morale.

Glorious Future: Gain 1 Victory Point.

Parallel Timeline: Receive an additional one of the asset on the Warp tile placed here.

Stable Time Rift: Remove 1 Paradox.

The following penalties can appear on the Alternate Timeline tiles:

Grim Message: Lose 1 Morale.

Collapsing Time Rift: Gain 1 Paradox

Note: When returning a Warp tile on a Parallel Timeline slot via Time Travel later, the player still only has to pay one of the respective asset (even though he received two when he placed the Warp tile).

Gameplay Variant - Starting Asset Draft

By using the Starting Asset Draft, players can add more variety to the starting assets of their Path each game.

During the Setup, instead of giving each player the starting assets depicted on their Path board, give each player:

  • 2 Scientists (Active)
  • 1 Engineer (Active)
  • 2 Energy Cores
  • 2 Water

Then, deal the following number of Starting Asset cards to each player:

  • 8 in a 2-player game

  • 5 in a 3-player game

  • 4 in a 4-player game

After this, each player chooses one card in their hand, places it face down in front of them, and passes the remaining cards to the player to their right. Repeat this process until each player has chosen four cards.

Return the remaining cards to the box (8 in a 2-player game and 3 in a 3-player game). All players receive the assets printed on their four chosen cards.

Finally, each player adds up the numbers on the bottom of their selected cards. the player with the lowest sum will be the First Player in the first Era. If there is a tie, the player with the lowest-numbered card will be the First Player.

Gameplay Variant - Endgame Condition Draft

With the Endgame Condition Draft, players have more control over what will be worth additional Victory Points at the end of the game.

Instead of selecting 5 endgame Condition cards randomly:

  • Deal 4 to each player in a 2-player game, then each player simultaneously picks two of the four, and reveals them.

  • Deal 2 to each player in a 3 and 4-player game, then each player simultaneously picks one of the two, and reveals it.

Finally, from the undealt cards, choose one (two in a 3-player game), and add it to the previously picked cards. Players will now have 5 Endgame Condition cards to play with.

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