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ZINGO ! is a fun and interactive matching game that brings fast-paced excitement and learning to the classic game of Bingo!

Players eagerly await their chance to slide the ZINGO !

Zinger and reveal new tiles. The first player to cover all the spaces on his/her ZINGO! card is the winner!

ZINGO! tiles and cards feature both images and words, making this game great for pre-readers and early readers alike.


  • 72 double-sided ZINGO! Tiles
  • 6 Two-Sided ZINGO! Cards

Parent's Guide

ZINGO! provides a rich opportunity for hands-on learning. With its zany Zinger and fast-paced matching, ZINGO! helps young children build image/word association, vocabulary, and matching skills through an engaging and fun play experience.

Beginning around age 3, children are particularly drawn to matching activities and are developmentally able to begin building reading skills . As children grow , they become increasingly interested in playing with language and storing new words in their rapidly expanding mental dictionary.

Emerging readers love to read their environments, labeling common objects and becoming familiar with letter sounds. ZINGO! draws upon this natural love of matching games and growing interest in word play to create a fun-filled, enriching play experience.

While thinking skills are developed naturally through growth and exploration , it's important that children are provided with frequent and varied opportunities to test their abilities in new ways.

Game play is a fun way to support the cognitive and social development that will serve a child throughout his or her life.

Reloading ZINGO! Tiles:

Object of the Game

Be the first to cover all the spaces on your ZINGO! Card with matching tiles!


  1. Remove the top from the ZINGO! Zinger & scramble the 72 tiles.

  2. Load the tiles into the Zinger in two equal stacks and replace the top.

  3. All players should have a clear view of the ZINGO! Zinger before play begins.

  4. Each player selects a ZINGO! card. Cards are two-sided to allow for two levels of competition. Players should all have the same colored side facing up.

Green Side: This side is LESS competitive as cards have fewer images in common. This level is better for younger players.

Red Side: This side is MORE competitive. Red Cards share more images, so players must act faster to claim the tiles. This level is better for older and more advanced players.

Game Play

  1. One player can serve as Dealer and operate the ZINGO! Zinger or players can pass the Zinger each turn, giving everyone a chance to operate the device during the game. We recommend choosing an adult or older child as the first Dealer.

  2. The Dealer slides the ZINGO! Zinger forward and back to reveal two tiles.

  3. When a player sees a tile that matches an image on his/her ZINGO! card, the player calls out the image name, takes the tile, and covers the printed image on the card.

    The Dealer slides any unclaimed tiles back into the Zinger through the reload slots at the top of the device.

  4. If two or more players need the same tile, it goes to the player who calls for it first. In the case of a tie, the Dealer places the tile back in the ZINGO! Zinger.

  5. If a player calls for a tile he/she doesn't need, the tile goes to the next player to correctly call it.

  6. The first player to cover all 9 spaces on the card shouts, "ZINGO!" and wins!

  7. The winner starts the next game as the Dealer.

Game Variations:

Once you've played the original ZINGO! try out some exciting new play variations for an added Zing!


The first player to match three images in a row-across, up, down, or diagonally-is the winner!

Zany Zingo!

Select a pattern to match. The first player to match the pattern is the winner!

Multi-card Zingo!

Play using two or more cards each round. Try playing with one green and one red card. The first player to fill one of his/her cards wins!

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