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You can play Yukon Airways alone with hardly any modification to the basic rules. You just have to keep in mind the following:

  • The setup is identical to a two player game: use only 2 dice of each color and place 2 cubes on each location.

  • Start the game with $3.

  • Before starting the game you must choose an improvement of your choice: Dial or Switch. Therefore, you must use the Seaplane Card on the side that does not show an Initial Improvement.

At the end of the game calculate your score in the usual way and compare it with the following table to determine if you have achieved a pilot title:

Distinct LocationsMoney EarnedTitle
8 or more$60 or moreRookie
9 or more$70 or moreSourdough
10 or more$80 or moreYukoner
11 or more$90 or moreSky King
121$00 or moreLegend

You must reach both of the objectives: distinct locations and money earned to obtain the corresponding title.

On your first attempt, you win the game if you get at least the Rookie title. In the following games, you must get a higher title than the previous one in order to win.

If you achieve the Legendary Pilot title share it on social networks using the hashtag #LegendaryPilotYukon.

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