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Below are detailed explanations of actions, improvements and rewards that Bonuses give, Dials and Switches on the Dashboard, Boarding Gates, Objective Cards and the Seaplane Cards.

All of them are usually exceptions and modifications to the rules described above and, therefore, always prevail over them if not indicated otherwise.


You can play other cards under the Destination Tickets in order to collect 3 identical icons among all the cards played face up for the flights in the same round and get the corresponding bonus.

On his first flight of the round, Marco traveled to Cinnamon Strip. When it is his turn again, he decides to make a second flight to June Lake, playing under this card another one with the icon .

By collecting among his played cards (even if they are on different flights), he can immediately make an improvement of his choice.


The advantages obtained when turning on a Switch or advancing the needle of a Dial are permanent and, therefore, can be used for the rest of the game.

Dashboard: Dials

Fuel Dial: This Dial indicates the amount of fuel you have available at all times. You must advance the needle when you get fuel and lower it when you have to deduct the fuel used during a flight.

The limit of your deposit is 7 and if for any reason you exceed that limit, you lose the excess.

Note: This Dial is the only one that can not be modified as an improvement.

Bonus Fuel Dial: When adjusting the fuel during the Boarding Phase, add to the Fuel Dial what this Dial indicates.

May Use Cards as Fuel Dial: When it comes to spending fuel during the Flight Phase, and only if you do not have enough fuel in your tank (Fuel Dial), you can discard on each flight as many Ticket Cards from your hand as this Dial indicates: each card discarded will count as one .

The fuel obtained in this way is independent of the Fuel Dial and is not reflected on it. This is the only way a player can exceed the fuel limit of 7.

Hand Size Dial: This Dial indicates the maximum number of Ticket Cards that you can keep in your hand after drawing cards during the Maintenance Phase. If you exceed this limit you have to discard the excess.

In any other Phase of the game players are allowed to have more cards than this limit indicates.

Card Draw Dial: Draw as many Ticket Cards during the Maintenance Phase as indicated by this Dial.

Christmas Bonus Dial: This Dial represents the bookings that you have made during the game for the Christmas season. At the end of the game, add what this Dial indicates to your income.

Dashboard: Switches

Switch 1: From now on, each Destination Ticket can be used for 2 dice (passengers) instead of 1.

Switch 2: From now on, you can make up to 2 Gate movements without paying their cost during the Boarding Phase.

Switch 3: From now on, you get an additional $2 each time you get a bonus.

Switch 4: From now on, you can board dice of 2 different colors during the Boarding Phase.

Switch 5: From now on, you only need to collect 2 identical icons instead of 3 to get the corresponding bonus. This Switch can only be used once per round.

Switch 6: From now on, you can play 2 Ticket Cards face down instead of 3 to fly to any destination.

Switch 7: At the end of the game, you get $2 for each cube of the color you have the most of (the color grey also counts), on the map of your Personal Board. If you have more than one main color, only one of them scores.


Gate 1: This Gate does not provide any action, but allows the first player to be placed on it to become the Starting Player.

Gate 2: You can draw one Ticket Card and place it in your hand.

Gate 3: You can board dice of 2 different colors from those present in this gate. Combined with Switch 4, you could board dice of 3 different colors.

Gate 4: You can make one Gate movement without paying its cost and advance your Fuel Dial needle one step.

Gate 5: You can advance your Fuel Dial needle 2 steps.

Gate 6: You can make an improvement on one of your Dials or Switches by paying $1 for it.

Objective Cards

The type objectives provide rewards at the end of each flight, while the type objectives provide rewards only during the Income Phase.

Better safe than sorry

Draw 1 Ticket Card if after your final flight your Fuel Dial is at 2 or more.

Long flight specialist

Make an improvement if you have traveled to Old Crow or Inuvik.

The wind beneath my wings

Earn $2 if you have used at least 7 of your fuel.

Scenic Route

Earn $3 if on a second or later flight you have placed at least one pink die on a Destination Ticket.

Last Call

Collect $2 each time you take the last cube of a location.

Mounties' Priority

Advance the needle of your Fuel Dial 1 step and draw 1 Ticket Card if you only board red dice (Boarding Phase).

Paid with Gold Nuggets

Collect $1 for each yellow die placed on your Destination Tickets.

Love Is In The Air

Advance the needle of your Fuel Dial 1 step for each blue die placed on your Destination Tickets.

...and the canoe?!?

Draw 2 Ticket Cards for each green die placed on your Destination Tickets.

Seaplane Cards

Each Seaplane Card has a face that provides an initial improvement related to one of the Dials of the Dashboard (Personal Board):

Super Cub: Start with the Bonus Fuel Dial at 1.

Turbo Beaver: Start with the May Use Cards as Fuel Dial at 2.

Norseman: Start with the Card Draw Dial at 3.

Cessna 172: Start with the Hand Size Dial at 4.

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