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  • 5-Piece Snowy Meatball Mountain
  • Flag
  • 4 Kickin' Yetis
  • 24 Meatballs
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Bop Yeti on the head to make him kick all your Meatballs onto the snowy mountain before the other players!


  • Attach the four quadrants of the majestic Meatball Mountain! They easily slide and lock onto the center column. Then place the flag on top!

  • Take the Yeti out of the package front window and slide him onto the disc attached to the quadrant, so he's facing the mountain. Attach the other Yetis the same way on the other quadrants.

  • Now...pick your Yeti! Which one of the fun Yetis will be your partner in winning?!

  • Place six Meatballs in your Yeti's reservoir. The Meatballs should roll down to be in front of your Yeti's foot so he can kick it.

  • You may want to do some practice kicks to get the feel for your Yeti and his strength. To make him kick, you simply bop him on the head! You can use your fingers, but we think it's easiest to use the palm of your hand.

    Note: You can swivel your Yeti to aim the kicks! Please don't throw or launch the meatballs at anyone's eyes or face.

There are TWO rules you really have to know:

  • You want to land Meatballs on all four lower ledges of your quadrant of Meatbail Mountain. the first to land a Meatbail in the very top ledge up by the Flag (it's the hardest!).

  • If you and your Yeti happen to kick a Meatball hard and it lands on someone else's quadrant, it counts...for them. So don't do that!

Game Play

Once each player has six Meatballs ready to go and have their Yetis positioned, everyone together says, "Yeti, Set, Go!" and starts bopping their Yetis to make them kick!

It'll be a frenzy of flying Meatballs, so if you run out, try to scrounge up any that may have fallen on the tabletop or floor.

If your Meatballs land in other players' areas, then they get to keep them. You may just have to watch for any Meatballs that come your way!

If any Meatballs land on one of your ledges, leave it there! It's a good thing! You want to fill up all four of your ledges to win!

End of the Game

The first player to land Meatballs on all four lower ledges of their Meatball Mountain quadrant wins!

OR...the first player to land a Meatbail on the very top ledge by the Flag wins, no matter how many of the other ledges are filled.

Celebrate like your Yeti would! Maybe with a Yeti dance, or some cool air decide!

For Younger of Newer Players

To avoid discouraging the younger or newer players, you may want to only require one or two ledges to be filled with Meatballs to win (instead of all four).

It could also be a fun, quick race game for any age to choose one ledge and the first player to get that one wins. You can change the rules however you want, as long as all players agree!

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