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  • Due to certain event cards, your discard pile may become larger than your action pile. In this case, do not discard a card when you play an action card. Your action and discard piles must end each chapter with 6 cards each.

  • If you are required to discard cards that would result in more than 6 cards in your discard pile, discard only enough cards to fill your discard pile to 6 cards.

  • Whenever you choose to [or are forced to] forego your action [for example when you are called before the royal court], you must still play one card face- up to your action pile and discard another face-down to your discard pile. In such a case, the action of the face-up card isn't carried out.

  • Whenever you pay or choose to trade in something, it is immediately returned either to the supply or to the game board.

  • Grain and piety are scarce. You should be especially careful to make sure you have enough, particularly in four-player games, as they are subject to mandatory duties.

  • Some of the immediate events also have lasting effects [such as adding building projects to the board or covering up favor spaces],

  • Trades made possible by immediate events may only be carried out once. For long-term events, you may make the applicable trade once per round.

  • The covering tiles are used to cover up various parts of the game board. You can use them on the favor track, on market spaces or on building projects where event cards have prohibited further construction.

  • Unlike loyalty and piety, you can never lose medical knowledge, willingly or otherwise.

  • If you cannot pay a mandatory duty at the end of chapter l\f then you can protect yourself against losing double victory points by paying 1 loyalty. However, you cannot protect yourself against losing the regular victory points indicated on the summary cards.

  • You can't have fewer than 0 victory points. If you score more than 60 victory points, move your scoring marker back to the start of the victory point track and continue scoring.

Additional Information about certain Event Cards

Because work . ..

As a reminder, you can use 1 gold to cover up the 2 on the market. Should you already be able to sell cloth, it is not affected by the price decrease.

After being accused . ..

Play one action card faceup and discard another action card facedown. You may not use either action.

King Edward III . ..

If this is the first event card to be drawn in chapter II, it has no effect on any player who had to go before the royal court at the end of chapter I.

Those players have been fortunate and do not need to discard two action cards

With Godwyn's help . ..

Cover up all other building projects on the board with covering tiles. You may not help build them nor make donations to them. At the end of the chapter, you add a resource to the Prior's Palace only.

In Kingsbridge . ..

Remove the house from a building space and return it to your supply. You may rebuild on building spaces emptied in this way.

Ralph Fitzgerald . ..

In the rare event that you don't have any of the required goods, you have been fortunate and lose nothing.

Along with the plague . ..

First, play your action card as usual. Then, let another player randomly draw a card from your hand to discard. You are allowed to look at the card that was drawn and discarded.

Merthin has realized . ..

Should there be insufficient resources in the supply, use some sort of replacement markers (coins, pieces from other games, etc)..

When this card is played, the Tower is completed, so the metal resource and victory points are awarded by the King.

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