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This variant should be used for a three-player game. It can also be used as an alternative way to play for more than three players. The rules are the same except for the following rule variations:

  • You play with only one set of story word cards (blue or orange).

  • There is only one storyteller.

  • The storyteller always flips the hourglass before he or she starts displaying story word cards.

  • If the answer is guessed correctly before the time runs out, the player who guessed the answer gets that answer card. In addition, the storyteller takes a guess card from the draw pile of answer cards that are not being used in the current game.

  • If the answer is not guessed correctly before the time runs out, remove that answer card from the game. Subsequently, the role of the storyteller shifts in a clockwise direction and a new round begins.

Difficulty Levels

The answer cards are divided into four levels of difficulty.

Depending on how you assemble the deck of answer cards, you can customize the game by varying the difficulty level to suit your preferences. Sort the answer cards by color and shuffle them well.

Then, depending on your desired difficulty (beginner, easy, experienced, or expert) and number of players, you can choose cards according to their level of difficulty. We recommend:

  • after the introductory game: ten green and yellow answer cards for more experienced players: mainly yellow and red answer cards

  • for expert players: predominantly red and black answer cards

  • for mixed groups: green and yellow answer cards for the younger or less experienced players, and red and black answer cards for experienced or older players. You can also make two decks: an easier deck with green and yellow answer cards and an advanced deck with red and black answer cards.

After you have compiled the answer card deck, shuffle it well before starting the game. If you assembled two decks, shuffle them separately. Set aside any unused cards.

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