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Q: Can more than one playing piece occupy a room?


Q: What happens when the ghost encounters a player in the nursery?

Nothing. The player remains in the nursery.

If your playing piece starts its turn together with the ghost in the nursery, you may move your piece forward from that space, but the nursery may not be entered or passed through as long as the ghost is there.

Q: What happens once the ghost declares that it is moving through 1/2/3/4 rooms?

Move the ghost along its course per the rooms it says. All the playing pieces it meets along its path are placed back into the nursery. The same holds true when it says, "I'll float to the room you're in".

Q: How do I find a key located at the anvil in the Blacksmith's Workshop?

You find the key at the anvil by using magic.

Press the blacksmith's workshop button (donkey) and then press the "Magic" button (star). You may not find the key until after you have used magic a few times.

Q: How does the time run out?

What happens if we want to take a break while we're in the middle of playing a game?

The time clock moves forward a few minutes when each player takes a turn and presses a room button and action button.

As long as you don't take a turn, the time stands still. You can pause a game for as long as you like if you leave the chest "on".

If the fairy gives you another turn, the time stops ticking for that turn.

Q: I did not understand what was just said. What do I do?

To the left of the room buttons and action buttons there is a round "Repeat" button. It repeats the very last statement.

You can also use this button to move past the introduction when starting a game.

Q: I accidentally pressed the wrong room button. What can I do?

As long as you have not pressed an action button as well it's no problem. Simply press the correct room button and then an action button.

You can press as many room buttons as you like. Only the last one pressed counts.

Note: as soon as you have pressed an action button, you must also complete the action and cannot change it.

Q:We did not manage to find the thief before our time ran out. How do we find out who it was?

Press the "Chest" button to discover who the thief was.

To find out at what time the game ended, press the "Magic" button.

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