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Rating: 5.8 Fair
Players: 3-4 players
Playing time: 0-1 minutes

Created by: Andy Breckman

Published by: Goliath B.V. (Board Game)


Ewww, Who Tooted!?! In this rip-roaring game of gassy good times, everybody gets a whoopee cushion shaped controller to control the flatulence.

When the controllers light up, only one person can push the button to make a "toot" sound-the other players have to guess who did it!

Players sit around an electronic sound machine in the shape of a man, controlled by one of the players. One of the players secretly controls the machine, which makes sounds of passing gas. Players bet on who is controlling the machine, and the winner advances along a scoring track.

Can you keep a straight face, or will your friends know that YOU are the one who tooted in this fun-filled fart game!?!

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