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Do you have what It takes to be the next big filmmaker? What The Film?! Is a party game for 3 to 8 players where you control your creative destiny.

In this light card game you design and pitch movies which get voted on by your peers.

This whole process can be turned upside down with the use of Industry Cards. The movie business can be cut-throat and getting to the top Is up to you. Do you backstab your way to glory or are you the creative beacon at the table? The choice Is yours!


  • 100 Actor Cards
  • 100 Plot Cards
  • 100 Set Cards
  • 100 Industry Cards
  • 11 award tokens Ffirst player token
  • Instructions.


Keep main deck (Actor, Plot, and Set Cards) and Industry Deck separate.

Each player gets:

  1. ONE Award Token
  2. SEVEN cards from the main deck
  3. ONE Industry card

So EIGHT cards total.

The First Player Token goes to the last person who went to the movies

1. Draw Phase

Start each round with seven cards (could be a combination of Actor, Plot, Set, and Industry). Then draw one more Industry Card at the beginning of each round for a total of eight cards.

Starting with the first player and working clockwise, if your Industry Card says Play Immediately, then play it immediately. All other Industry Cards may be played at any time.

2. Play & Pitch Phase

Lay down one Set Card, one Plot Card, and one Actor Card. If you are missing a Set, Plot, or Actor card, rummage through the discard pile and take what you need. If there is no discard pile, draw from the main deck to take the card you need and return remaining cards to the bottom of the deck.

Starting with the first player and working clockwise, you have 36 seconds to pitch your movie. At the end of 36 seconds, if a player was not able to incorporate each card into the pitch, the card(s) not used are discarded and can't be scored.

3. Vote Phase

On the count of three, hand your Award Token to the player who came up with the best movie. No voting for yourself. If it's a tie, both movies win.

4. Scoring & End Phase

If you win the round keep your cards. One point per card. Everyone points and place your played cards in the discard pile

End of the Game

After six rounds, it's over. Tally points, see who wins.

Pitch Off

The players involved in the Pitch Off are not allowed to participate in the voting. Ail other players vote.

If there is a tie at the end of the game, a Pitch Off occurs. An Actor Card, Plot Card, and Set Card is dealt to each player in the Pitch Off. First Player Token decides who goes first. The Pitch Off continues until there is a winner.

Note: All Industry Cards can be played on top of each other. For example, someone could be forced to pitch a romantic, ^horror, war movie if there are three mean people playing.

Now that that is settled,you're set to go fulfill your movie making destiny!

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