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  • Question Cards
  • Sand Timer
  • Tokens
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

This game will put you on edge with hilarious dares, great laughs and teamwork to win the odds.

You win by challenging opponents to do dares, but strategically choosing odds that will help you

  1. avoid doing the dare and then
  2. collect a Challenge Card when someone else does the dare you challenge them to do.

When you or your team collects enough challenge cards, you win! Be strategic in how you pick the odds!

Game Play

1. Draw a Card

The player with the next birthday begins by drawing a Challenge Card from the top ef the deck and reading the dare.

2. Pick a Player

The player who drew the card picks someone to dare, asking "What are the odds?"

3. Pick the Odds

The dared player chooses "the odds" of doing the dare, choosing a set of odds between 1/2 and 1/10 (for example, "1 out 4" or "1 out of 7").

4. Play The Odds

Both players silently think of a number somewhere within the chosen odds (1 to the number or "odds" chosen).

A third player counts down 3-2-1 and in sync both the daring and dared player shout their number.

If they shout the same number, the dared player must de the dare and the daring player collects the "challenge card".

If they shout different numbers, the dared player uses the same card to pick a new player to dare.

The new dared player must pick odds lower than the previous odds (for example, if the first player chose 1 out of 5, the next player must choose odds 1 out of 4 or less).

The card stays in play until a player does the dare or until the odds reach 1/1, in which case nobody does the dare or a first come volunteer may win the card.

5. Repeat

When a player loses the odds and does the dare that person or team begins a new round by drawing a card. (For 1/1, a new player/team's turn]

6. Escapes Vs. No Escapes

If there are 4 people or less playing the game, the group may decide before the game begins if a player is allowed one escape from doing a dare during the game.

The daring player or team wins the Challenge Card regardless of doing the dare or not.

7. Winning The Card

When players shout the same number, the daring player collects the Challenge Card.

In cases of Escapes, the daring player or team wins the challenge card regardless of an opponent doing the dare or not.

In the case where 1/1 occurs, nobody wins the card and you discard it, unless someone volunteers to win it. The first person to volunteer and do the dare wins the card.

Other Rules

[Fill in the blank] / [TEAM OPTION]

When parentheses are used, the player who drew the card should fill in the blank.

If the word TEAM OPTION is on the card, you may either challenge a team or individual, only one individual chooses and plays the odds for the team; once chosen, the card stays either team or individual for entire round.

"Make Your Own" Cards

Come up with something crazy! The dare stays the same until someone does it; however, the (player's] in- volved in the dare may be changed.

Don't have the thing asked for?

Ose a substitute agreed upon by the group if possible. Otherwise, draw a new card.

End of the Game

The first player to collect three Challenge Cards or the team to collect five wins!

Three options of gameplay:

  • Team Play - alternate challenging members of the opposite team.

  • Big Circle - Clockwise rotation all the way around, pray that the odds are in your favor (may be played as a team (alternating seating] or individually]

  • Roulette - Pick whoever you want to challenge, every person fends for themselves.

Team Play

  1. Divide into two egual teams (may be boys v. girls, couples, etc]

  2. Alternate daring an individual from the other team, all players must participate at some time.

  3. When indicated, dares may include the entire team.

  4. If escapes are being used, the Team may use only 1 escape. Group may also agree on rules for "passing the duty" to another team member.

  5. Win by collecting 5 cards as a team.

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