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Rating: 0 Unknown
Players: 2-10 players
Playing time: 90 minutes

Created by:

Published by: (Self-Published)


Russian Roulette meets Truth and Dare meets outrageous laughter and happiness. This game dare where players take turns challenging each other to dares listed on black cards.

Each round, one player (The Challenger) draws a black card and challenges the rest of the players to do the task on the card. The rest of the players collectively decide what the odds are.

On the count of 3, every player throws down one of their number cards. If your number matches The Challenger's, you have to do the challenge.

The situation gets crazy as the odds increase and the potential to being caught doing the dare becomes a reality. NO you don't want to do the dare!!

Watch your friends and family squirm in their seats and sweat drop down their face as the ODDS get smaller. Are YOU ready to have a bold blast?? THIS game is for the happy people of the world who are daring and fun. YOU WILL LOVE IT.

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