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Purchasing and upgrading weapons is a great way to gain an edge when fighting. The Wild West is a dangerous place, so every advantage you can gain is one worth having.

Upgrading weapons, as well as mounts, also offer end of game LP.

Poker Cards

Poker cards are vital in Western Legends. Use high value cards to win fights. Bonus effects on cards like Cheat and Lady Luck are better suited to help you win at poker.

The bonus and reaction effects on cards like Shootout and Stick 'Em Up can make an Ace played against you less potent. Don't fight if you likely won't win.

Prospecting For Gold

It is possible to win the game without ever committing to the Marshal or Wanted tracks. Prospecting for gold is a strategy unto itself that requires no moral disposition. It provides money to purchase mounts and weapons that will help you during the game.

The money earned from depositing gold nuggets can also be spent to revel, earning you even more points! An upgraded Mule and Miner's Map can help reinforce this strategy further.


It is unwise, especially for Wanted players, to carry large amounts of money and/or gold nuggets, as they can be lost when Arrested or robbed by another player.

Use the Sprint and Saddle Up poker cards to quickly navigate dangers all in a single turn. Don't forget, every $60 at the end of the game is worth 1LP!

Marshal Players

Marshal players have less risk than Wanted players, but Marshal points are much harder to come by. If you plan to reach the 3rd, 6th, or 9th spaces of the Marshal track you'll need to be diligent.

If your fellow players aren't Wanted, you'll have to wrangle cattle and fight bandits-especially before Wanted players have the opportunity to do so.

Unlike the Wanted players, you can afford to wander around the board without worrying about the Sheriff. Use the bonus money from gaining Marshal points to purchase and upgrade mounts and weapons.

Use the Manhunt poker card to slow down Wanted players that are near the Sheriff.

Wanted Players

You've chosen a harsh but exciting path that will require you to always be on the run. It is highly recommended that you get a mount before becoming Wanted, as you will need to outrun Marshal players and the Sheriff.

Early in the game, being Wanted is less dangerous, as players are developing their strategies. In a higher player count game, be careful as story cards will be completed more often.

This allows the Sheriff to move more frequently. Keep high value cards in hand, especially Quickdraw, so you have a better chance to defeat the Sheriff. An outlaw with few or no cards in hand is an easy target.

Robbing other players, or a Heist at the bank, is an easy way to score more Wanted points. Deposit gold nuggets and spend money to minimize the penalty of being Arrested.

Remember that arrest is an inconvenience, at most, if you plan accordingly. Being an outlaw is all about opportunity and when to seize it!

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