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  • 100 Throwdown Cards
  • 42 Phrase Cards
  • 6 Mouthpieces
  • 4 Throwdown Straws
  • 4 Noisemakers
  • 2 Throwdown Balls
  • 1 Throwdown Dice
  • 1 Timer
  • Instructions

Game Play

  1. Separate the Throwdown Cards and Phrase Cards into two separate decks, shuffle each, and place them face down.

  2. Each player will take turns competing against another player. EVERY Throwdown challenge uses a mouthpiece. And yes, you will drool.

  3. The player that has gone the longest without brushing their teeth takes the first turn.

  4. ON YOUR TURN, roll the Throwdown Dice to determine who your opponent is for the turn:

  5. Draw a Throwdown Card from the deck, and follow the instructions on the card. It will tell you how to play and if you need to draw a Phrase Card. Players cannot pass on a Throwdown.

  6. Both players place a mouthpiece in their mouth when ready to compete!

  7. The winner of a Throwdown wins that card. If a player needs to choose a teammate for the turn and wins the Throwdown, then only THAT player wins the card - not the teammate.

    For timed Throwdowns, flip the timer to start the clock. If a player is successful, stop the timer by laying it on its side.

    When the next player is ready, flip the timer up so the sand that fell from the first turn is now running down. This player must complete the Throwdown before the sand runs out to win - otherwise, the first player wins!

    If neither player completes a Throwdown before time runs out, then there is not a winner for that card.

  8. After the Throwdown is won by a player, or lost by both, the turn is over. Play moves clockwise to the next player on the left and a new turn begins.

  9. There are 4 rounds per game. A round is complete when each player has gone once.

End of the Game

The player that won the most Throwdown Cards after 4 rounds wins.

If there's a tie, keep playing rounds until one player has more Throwdown Cards.

House Rules

You'll find that some Challenges are open for a little interpretation - how the Throwdown is performed, what "Winning" really means, what constitutes "Cheating", etc.

We suggest that these instances are addressed by a group vote on what your set of house rules are as needed.

Playing with straws and noisemakers

To get the maximum amount of air through the straw or noisemaker, insert the end about an inch beyond your teeth and trap it against the roof of your mouth with your tongue.

This will help prevent the air from escaping your mouth in the absence of using your lips.

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