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There are 5 different types of Action Cards: Chop!, Spicy! Switch!, Stack!, and the dreaded Wasabi!. You start the game with no Action Cards, but earn them by completing Recipes. When you play an Action Card on your turn (maximum 1 per turn), you can take advantage of its special ability.


Play Stack! into the Kitchen before you play your Ingredient. You may now place this turn's Ingredient on top of another Ingredient already on the Board, instead of into an empty square, creating (or adding to) a stack.

A stack is any 2 or more Ingredients on the same square. The top Ingredient of a stack is the only one in play. Players may peek at hidden tiles in any stack.


Play Spicy! into the Kitchen, either before or after you play your Ingredient.

You may play a total of two Ingredients on this turn, instead of one as normal. All normal rules apply to both tiles.


Play Switch! into the Kitchen, either before or after you place your Ingredient.

Immediately select two adjacent squares on the board and switch their entire contents. (Either square may be filled or empty). You may complete a Recipe by moving Ingredients into place in this way.


Play Chop! into the Kitchen, either before or after you play your Ingredient. You may take any one Ingredient off the board.

If you Chop! a stack, you may only take the top Ingredient from the stack. You may do one of two things with the chopped tile.

  1. Immediately return it to the pantry or
  2. Play it as your Ingredient for this turn. (Only if you haven't already played your Ingredient for this turn).

You may complete a Recipe by using Chop! on a stack to reveal a hidden Ingredient.


Play Wasabi! onto the board either before or after you place your Ingredient, so that it covers exactly 4 squares of the board (any or all of the 4 squares may be occupied or empty). Immediately take 1 Wasabi Cube from the supply and add it to your Bowl.

The covered squares are completely locked from play until the Wasabi! Card is removed. This means that:

  • No Ingredient may be played into any of the covered squares.

  • You may not complete a Recipe if any of the Ingredients that make up the Recipe are covered.

  • No covered square may be affected by any other Action Card.

A square covered by part of a Wasabi! Card counts as filled for endgame purposes. Wasabi! cards may not be placed to overlap each other even partially. Players may peek at tiles hidden underneath Wasabi! Cards in play.

The only time a Wasabi! card comes off the board is if a player (any player, not limited to the player who placed it) chooses it during Step 2 of their own turn as a reward for completing a Recipe during Step 1.

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