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Rating: 6.3 Fair
Players: 2-12 players
Playing time: 30 minutes

Created by: Wally Robinson, Belva Robinson

Published by: (Web published), Newdale Development, Inc., Wackee International

Alternate Names: Hokie Six


The goal is to get the most points and to be the first player or partnership to 'Go Out' and call "Wackee SIX!" This is done by playing out all 12 of the main cards originally dealt to you.

While that is being done, you want to turn your remaining deck as fast as you can, and play as many cards onto the crazy piles in the middle of the table as you can.

This is where most of your points will come from. This game play gets really "Wackee", because no one takes "turns", everyone just plays at once.

What is in the box?

6 decks of cards, each with 2 WILD cards and 52 cards numbered 1-13 in 4 different colored suits. There are 6 different colors on the back of the decks; one color for each player or team.

An optional playing field mat is included in case you don't have a table and to make it easier to learn".

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