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When a player plays a summer or winter visitor card, the action described on the card is taken immediately and the card is discarded, ending any bonuses granted by that card.

Visitor cards are played by placing a worker on the play summer/winter visitor card action spaces. No additional worker is required to take the action described on the card.

You may only play a visitor card if you are able to fully resolve the effect on the card. For example, if a card says that you must give all opponents each to gain a benefit, you can only play that card if you have enough lira to pay to all other players. Multiple actions on visitor cards may be taken in any order.

Upgrading the Cellar

Several cards let you "upgrade your cellar to the next level". That means you may build either a medium or large cellar, depending on what you already have (you may not build a large cellar if you don't have a medium cellar).

One Way Conversions ()

Some cards allow you to trade lira for victory points (or vice versa) at a specific ratio. For example, ( means that you can gain victory points at a rate of for every you spend.


Many visitors have two separate clauses delineated by the all- caps word "OR". These are two completely independent clauses.

In the example above, you choose to either (1) age all wine in your cellar twice OR (2) lose to upgrade your cellar to the next level.

The rules for training a new worker apply to all visitor cards-unless the card says otherwise, you can't use the worker until the following year. The icon on visitor cards reads "any worker".

Several visitors let you pay to place a 1-value grape on your crush pad.

This is not a grape harvested from your vines-rather, it is as if you are buying grapes directly from a market. A l-value grape slot on your crush pad must be open to use this ability.

Several visitors refer to a bonus you get for structures of specific costs. The bonus only applies to structures with that exact cost.

For example, the Blacksmith gives you for building a windmill, tasting room, or large cellar.

More Cards


Plant 1 . You may plant it on afield even if the total value of that field exceeds the max vine value.

This is a one-time exception to the rules about planting on fields up to a certain vine value. That is, you may not continue to plant on that field in excess of the max vine value on future turns.


Take any action (no bonus) from a previous season without placing a worker.

Any action on the board from those seasons are available, even if all action spaces are full. In base Viticulture (without the extended board from Tuscany), this card refers only to the summer season.


All players may retrieve their grande workers. Gain for each opponent who does this.

Opponents who have already passed their turn for the season are not eligible to retrieve their grande workers.


Move your to an empty row on the wake-up chart, take the bonus, I then pass to the next season.

When you pass using the Organizer, your rooster will stay in the new wake-up order you selected. On the extended board in Tuscany, you may choose the first row of the wake-up track (if it's unoccupied).


Place a worker on an action in a future season. Take the action at the beginning of that season. Thus, if you place a worker on the "fill 1 wine order" action, you take that action before players take winter actions as normal in wake- up order.

For example, if you are first in wake-up order, you would take the Planner action and then take your turn. This card only applies to action spaces on the board. In base Viticulture (without the extended board from Tuscany), this card refers only to the summer season.


Pay to retrieve up to 2 from other actions. They may be used again this year.

"Other actions" refers to any action other than the "play 1 summer visitor action" where you played the Producer. Retrieving those workers may open up action spaces in the summer for you and other players to use.


Plant 1 even without the required structure(s) OR uproot and discard 1 to gain .

This card lets you bypass the normal "cost" for planting vine cards- you don't need a trellis or irrigation to plant with the Sharecropper's first ability. You may discard any 1 vine card from hand- it's not restricted to the vine card you uprooted.


Make up to 2 of value 4 or greater, even if you haven't upgraded your cellar.

Thus, if you use this card to make a 5-value red token, you may place it on the 5-value space even if you don't have the medium cellar.

For that token to age past the 6-value, you need to build both a medium cellar and a large cellar. (You cannot build a large cellar without a medium cellar).

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