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Structures allow you to plant higher quality vines, make better wine, and gain special bonuses. In the summer and fall. each structure has a cost indicated by a coin on the player mat.


A trellis is required to plant certain types of vines.


After a player builds a windmill, he collects 1 victory point whenever he plants a vine (max per year).


Irrigation is required to plant certain types of vines.


Owning a yoke gives a player an action space that they can use once per year in any season (summer or winter).

On their turn, a player may place a regular worker (or a grande worker acting as a regular worker) on their yoke to uproot 1 vine card (return a vine card from their field to their hand) or harvest 1 field (even in the summer, though the field may only be harvested once per year).

Tasting Room

After a player builds a tasting room, they collect 1 victory point whenever they place a worker on the "give a vineyard tour" action if they have at least 1 wine token in their cellar.

Cellars ( And )

Players store wine in their cellars, but a small cellar affords only enough room for lesser value varieties. Building medium (4-6 value wine) and large (7-9 value wine) allows players to store higher value wines, as well as create and store blush wines in the medium and large cellars and sparkling wines in the large cellar.

Note: The medium cellar must be built before a player builds the large cellar.


lf a player has a cottage, they will draw a visitor card of their choice at the beginning of the fall season (in addition to the visitor card drawn by default in the fall). The two cards drawn may be of the same type or different types of visitor cards.

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