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  • Apprentice: The Apprentice can swap places with any villager in any Village that is covered by another card in its Production Chain. He can be used in other player's Villages, or in your own. T

    he card he swaps places with must then be placed in your Village immediately, following the normal rules for placing Villagers. Using the Apprentice only uses up one build action, not two.

    Though the Apprentice cannot be used to steal another player's Founders (as stated in the rules for Special Villagers), he can be used on your own Founders, if they have at least one card placed on top of them. If you do you can choose which side of them you place face-up.

  • Monk: The Monk can be used as any villager, as long as you don't make him the top card of a Production Chain. This means he will always be placed at the same time as another villager, with the Monk below the other, taking the role as one of the villagers in the Production Chain.

    The Production Chain he is used in must have all the other cards in correct order. 2 Monks can be used in the same Production Chain.

  • Monks and Apprentices: These do not act as the cards they are replacing, they are simply villagers with no symbols printed on them, except their Suit Symbol, they belong to the Special suit.

    Their purpose is to be placed below other villagers. The next villager in the Production Chain must always be on top of the Monk or Apprentice. If for any reason, a Monk or an Apprentice becomes the top card of a Production Chain, it returns back to the hand of the player whose village it was in.

    If an Apprentice or Monk is the bottom card of a Production Chain, it can have 2 cards on top. They must be of the same suit.

  • Tinner: The Tinner can unlock several cards even if they have different unlockers. It does not matter if you or some other player has the Unlocking Villagers, they can be unlocked for free by the Tinner as long as they're played in the same Build Phase.

    Players are allowed to mix and match, unlocking some villagers with the Tinner and some without her (to place coins on your own villagers for example).

  • Agent: The Agent scores as much as the Gold value of the coins placed on one of your villagers. You choose which one.

  • Peddler: The Peddler gives you 3 gold for every 2 Gold Symbols, not every 2 Gold. If for example the only Gold Symbols in your Village are on two Jewelers, each giving 20 Gold, a Peddler will score just 3 Gold.

  • Wood Carver: This one scores the total value of all Gold Symbols on your Wood Villagers. If you have 1 Cartwright and a Cooper for example your Wood Carver will earn 13 Gold.

  • Ore Muler, Horse Trader, Log Rafter, Priest: These include their own Suit Symbols when scored. Some villagers have two Suit Symbols, this makes them more valuable when scoring these.

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