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This is the face up pile of cards next to the stock. Sacrificed cards are placed on the top of the boneyard.


Play cards from your hand for their gold value to buy a card from the base of the pyramid.

Cards In Hand

These are cards you have drawn but haven't played yet.

Cards In Play

These are cards already on the table that have been played for their gold value or as actions.


This is the number in the upper right corner of the card, which must be paid to buy it from the base of the pyramid.


Cards must be drawn from your own draw deck unless the action specifically states otherwise.

Draw Deck

This is your personal draw deck. When you are required to draw a card and your draw deck is empty, shuffle your discard pile to create a new draw deck.

Discard Pile

This is your personal discard pile. At the end of your turn, all the cards you have used will be put here, in any order you choose. Cards you buy or take are also placed on the top of your discard pile.


Choose a card, usually from your hand, and put it into your tomb, under the tomb tile. Only cards in your tomb at the end of game will be scored.

Highest Cost Card

This refers to the card in the pyramid (or in your hand) that has the highest cost. In case of ties, the choice is yours.

Lowest Cost Card

This refers to the card in the pyramid (or in your hand) that has the lowest cost. In case of ties, the choice is yours.


When "may" occurs in an action, it means that the following text is optional. For example, "You may draw a card" means that you are allowed, but not required, to draw. If it is impossible for you to draw a card, you can still do the rest of the action.


Show the appropriate card(s) to the other players. Do not discard the card(s) you show.


Choose a card and put it on top of the boneyard face up. Some actions call for sacrificing cards from your hand while others for sacrificing cards from the pyramid. Cards already in play cannot be sacrificed. Unless stated otherwise, cards are sacrificed from your hand.

Set Card

Set cards are non-unique, non-starter artifact cards that share the same set name and color.

Starter Card

Starter cards are the gray cards that you start the game with.


This is the general deck used to refill the pyramid.


Unless otherwise noted, this means to take a card from anywhere in the pyramid and place it on top of your discard pile.

Rule Clarifications

  • You may not look at the contents of the boneyard, other than the top (face up) card.

  • You may look at your own discard pile (without rearranging the cards) when it is not your turn. During your turn, you may only look at your discard pile if directed by an action.

  • You may count the number of cards remaining in the stock (without rearranging the cards) when it is not your turn.

  • If an action allows you to put a card into your tomb, it does not count towards the limit of entombing once per turn.

  • Your once-per-turn allowance of putting a card into your tomb is not an "action".

  • If a player has accidentally placed any extra cards in their tomb, the cards are placed in their discard pile instead. For all other errors, if the error is caught before the next player plays a card, the error is corrected. If the next player has already played a card, the error is not corrected.

  • You cannot use the gold value of a card to buy more than one card at a time. For example, if you have a card with a gold value of 6, you cannot buy two cards at a cost of 3 each.

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