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The following section is a historical and strategic note about the game and is not required for gameplay.

In Undaunted: Normandy, you take the role of a platoon leader in command of a rifle platoon, modelled on the US Army rifle platoons of the Second World War. The platoons consisted of three squads and a command group and were sometimes supplemented with two specialized attachments in the form of a sniper and a mortar team.

Note that historically a mortar squad would not be attached to a rifle platoon but be part of a weapons platoon within the rifle company.

Each squad consisted of twelve men: a squad leader, an assistant squad leader, five riflemen, two scouts, and an automatic rifle team of three men. In the game, the role of the assistant squad leader has been incorporated into the Squad Leader card.

The command group consisted of five men: the platoon leader, the platoon sergeant, the platoon guide, and two messengers. The messengers have been omitted from the game.

Platoon Sergeant

The Platoon Sergeant is your second in command, assisting in controlling the direction and rate of advance of the platoon. It is also the most powerful card in the game. The Platoon Sergeant lets you play more cards in your turn or vastly bolster your deck.

Platoon Guide

The Platoon Guide prevents straggling and enforces orders concerning cover, concealment, and discipline. In the game it is a versatile card, letting you move any combat counter in the field or add any card you might need from the supply.

Squad Leader

The Squad Leader is responsible for the discipline, training, and control of his squad, and leads it in combat. This card amplifies the effectiveness of its squad by allowing you to bolster it or repeat already played cards.


Riflemen are the core of the platoon. These cards are the only ones in the game that can take control of objectives. As Riflemen are vital to claiming key locations, it is essential to keep these units alive!


Scouts perform reconnaissance for their platoon, investigating possible danger areas, seeking out the enemy, and preventing surprise hostile fire.

They are highly versatile cards, allowing you to scout new tiles before moving your units, to re-establish communications (removing Fog of War cards from your deck), and to employ deception tactics to confuse the enemy.

Machine Gunners

Machine Gunners excel in attack and defense, with more firepower than Riflemen or Scouts and the ability to lay down suppressive fire to neutralize enemy units.


Sniper are expert riflemen and effective infiltrators. This card has the highest attack and defense value in the game and is able to move through areas not yet scouted, making it an excellent unit for taking out important enemy targets.


The 60mm mortar provided additional firepower for leading platoons. It is one of the most powerful cards in the game. It is slow to set up, requiring a separate action just to target a tile, but once ready it is hugely effective at taking out concentrated enemy forces and avoids any range penalties when firing.

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