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  • 4 Twister Moves game mats
  • 3 Twister Moves CDs
  • Exclusive Nick and Aaron Carter CD

Object of the Game

Keep in the groove, follow the moves and do what the DJs tell you to do. If you're the only one to get the moves right, you win!


Put the 4 Twister Moves mats on the floor so they form a square (with the purple spots in the center). Make sure they are on a flat hard surface (we don't recommend playing on carpeted areas).

Leave some space between each mat and make sure there's nothing in the room near you that you might bump into.

Let's make sure you have enough room to do your moves. Players should stand on their foot spaces and lift their arms out to their sides reaching toward the players next to them.

You should be able to reach the fingertips of the players on your right and left. See Figure 1 for a look at how to get ready.

We recommend wearing flat or low- heeled, rubber-soled shoes when playing. Avoid shoes with slippery surfaces.

Important: Some dance moves are more difficult than others. Do not overextend or overexert yourself. Avoid horseplay when playing this game.

Get Set

  1. Choose one of the 3 Twister Moves CDs (not the Nick and Aaron Carter CD) and place it in your CD player. It doesn't matter which CD you choose.

    • If you've never played Twister Moves, start with Track 1 for an introduction.
    • If you have played before, you can skip the introduction.
  2. Each mat has a number (1 through 4). To get started, choose one of the mats. This will be your player number. Stand on your mat with your feet on the foot spaces. You should be facing your friends.


Two DJ's (a guy and a girl) are going to call out a set of dance moves. The guy calls out moves for your left hand or foot, and the girl calls out moves for your right.

If you forget, look at the feet on your mat for a reminder. OK, let's review: guy - left; girl - right! Got It? Good!

Listen Up

The first time through... just listen! No dancing yet! The DJ's will call out one complete set of moves. This will let you hear them once before you have to do them. Pay close attention and keep in mind:

  • If a DJ calls out a color, move your left or right foot onto the matching color circle. For example, the guy says, "purple" and the girl says, "green". You will then put your Left foot onto the purple spot and your right foot onto the green spot.

    Important: You will never be directed to move onto a spot with another player.

  • If a DJ gives a hand-command such as "point", follow the command using the hand that matches the DJ that made the call.

  • At the beginning of the set, the DJ's may give you some special instructions. For example, the DJs may say that every time they call out "blue" you must step onto the blue spot on the mat of the player to your left. Listen carefully to these special instructions.

Do the Moves

After the DJ's go through telling you the moves, you'll hear 4 short beats. This is the "start" signal and your cue to get movin'. This time when the music starts you do the moves called out by the DJ's. All players do the moves at the same time so be careful not to bump into the other players.

Did you make it through the Twister Moves? All right!

When playing Twister Moves you have three options: You can "Take the Challenge", "Practice the Moves", or "Move On" to a new set of moves.

Take the Challenge

Make sure everyone is ready, then press the PLAY button on your CD player and follow the commands. Try to get all the moves right and keep a lookout for the other players.

  • If you did the moves right, keep going.
  • If you made a mistake you're knocked out.

The players who have been knocked out judge the players left in the challenge. Keep going until there is only one player left. That player is the winner.

Note: If there is a disagreement between players, pause the CD and all players vote. Majority rules.

Practice The Moves

Press the repeat or Previous Track button on your CD player to repeat the same track. Keep practicing this set of moves as often as you like.

Move On

If you've got these moves down and you want to learn a new set, let your CD player go on to the next track. Let's see how you do with these new moves!

You're in the Groove

Part way through the CD, the DJs will tell you to make up your own move. Go ahead and make up your move! If you need some help making up a move, look on the back of these instructions for some suggestions.

We recommend you make up a move that keeps your feet planted on your mat and only involves moving the rest of your body such as leaning, bending, moving your arms, etc.

Try to keep it short and simple and pay attention to the other players. From now on, if the DJs call out a player's number, everybody has to do that player's move.

Solo Play

If you want to practice some really cool dance moves you can do it by playing Twister Moves on your own. Just set up one mat and follow the DJs' instructions. If the DJ's tell you to step onto another player's mat, improvise... but make it look COOL!

Try to complete as many sets as possible. Your "score" is the number of tracks you successfully made it through. For example, if you make it to track 23 without messing up, your score is 23.


Twister Moves has 3 types of sessions - Standard Sessions, DJ Mixes, and Super Sessions.

Standard Sessions: The DJs will call out the moves for the entire session. Then you repeat the moves to the beat of the music. The Standard Sessions will get more difficult as you go on

DJ Mixes: These are mixes of our DJs' favorite music, designed to keep your feet movin' and your body groovin!

Super Sessions: Super Sessions are a combination of 4 Standard Sessions put together. The DJs will call out a Standard Session, which you must repeat.

The DJ's will then take some of the moves from the 1st session and add them to some new moves to make a 2nd Standard Session. Once you get that one, move on to a 3rd.

Finally, all of the sessions will be strung together to make a 4th and final "Super Session". How well did you keep to the beat and move to the groove?


Line Dance

To "Line Dance", put your mats side-by-side instead of in a square.

Party Moves

If you and your friends all have Twister Moves, you can put your mats together to make one larger "Party Moves" game.

If there is more than one player with the same number, each of you show "your own moves", and let the group choose which one to use. If you can't think of a move to use, look at the examples on the back of these instructions for some ideas.

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