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  • Gameboard
  • 200 Question-and-Answer Cards
  • 6 Tokens
  • 36 Scoring Wedges
  • Die

Object of the Game

Be the first player to collect a scoring wedge in all six colors and answer a game-winning question at the hub.


  • Open the gameboard. Notice that it has 43 spaces arranged in a circular pattern. The space in the center is called the hub. The six straight sections going from the hub to the circle are the spokes.

    Each space (except the hub) is colored yellow, blue, brown, green, orange or pink. Each color represents one of the categories on the question-and-answer cards. The six spaces at the ends of the spokes are called category headquarters.

  • Select one token and six scoring wedges, one in each of the six category colors.

  • Unwrap the decks of cards and stand each upright in the rectangular "pockets" in the plastic tray. Each card has six color-coded questions, one in each of the categories listed. The answers are listed on the back of the cards.

  • All players start in the center hub and move down one of the spokes and out onto the circular track.

  • To see who goes first, roll the die. The highest number wins. If two or more players tie, roll the die again.

The categories are color coded:

  • Pink: All About Nature

  • Brown: Today and Tomorrow

  • Orange: Fun and Games

  • Blue: Whatever!

  • Green: Music, Movies & More

  • Yellow: Yesterday

Game Play

On your turn:

  1. Roll the die and move your token out of the hub that number of spaces down any spoke.

  2. You may move your piece in either direction around the track or along any of the spoke paths. You may move along both the circular path and a spoke path during one turn, but you must keep moving forward.

    You are not allowed to go backwards over spaces you have already crossed on that turn. For example, if your token is 3 spaces from a category headquarters you still need a scoring wedge in and you roll a 5, you can not move 4 spaces forward and 1 space back to land on it.

  3. When you land on a space, another player draws the top card from either deck and reads you the question for that color. When you have answered, put the card back in the same deck. The next question will be read from the next card in the same deck, and so on. (We recommend you play all the cards in one deck before switching to the second deck).

  4. If your answer to a question is correct, you get another turn and roll the die again. But, if your answer is not correct, play passes to the player (or team) on your left. Note: As long as you answer a question correctly, your turn continues. Keep rolling and moving until you get one wrong.

  5. When you land in a category headquarters and answer that question correctly, you earn a scoring wedge of that color. Place the appropriate color wedge in your scoring token.

    If you answer incorrectly, your turn ends. On your next turn, you may either roll and move or you may stay in the same space and answer another question in that category to try to win the wedge.

  6. If you land in the hub before you have earned all six wedges, you may choose the category your question will come from - so pick one you're good at!

  7. If you pass through the hub during your move, count it as one space.

  8. Any number of tokens may occupy the same space at the same time.

  9. After you have correctly answered all questions in all six category headquarters, head for the hub. You do not have to roll the exact count to land in the hub if you have filled your scoring token with all six wedges; a number larger than what you need is okay.

    For example, if you roll a 5 and need only a 3, you can stop in the hub and forget about the extra 2. (Remember that in all other cases you have to move the exact number of spaces shown on the die).

End of the Game

When you've earned all six color wedges and have reached the hub to try the game-winning question, the other players choose the category for your question.

If you answer incorrectly, you can stay in the hub without rolling the die and answer a question on your next turn - until you get one right and win.

The winner is the first player to answer a question correctly in all six categories, filling his or her scoring token completely, and answer the game-winning question in the hub.


  • The rules do not state how long you have to answer a question, or how exact the answer must be. The players decide this themselves.

  • If you're playing in teams, teammates discuss each answer, then the team captain gives the answer they've decided on.

  • Guessing is better than not answering at all. You probably know a lot more than you think you do, so take a guess!

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