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  • 1 gameboard
  • 300 question-and-answer cards (150 for adults, 150 for kids)
  • 2 card holders
  • 6 scoring tokens
  • 36 scoring wedges
  • 1 die

Object of the Game

To be the first player to fill all six spaces on your Scoring Token with different colored wedges by correctly answering questions. Get back to the center first and answer a final question correctly to win!

The dark blue cards are for players aged 14 or older. The bright blue cards are for younger players. Decide who should play from what deck at the start of the game and always return cards to the appropriate deck.


  1. Take an empty Scoring Token for each player or team and place it on the center space of the gameboard.

  2. Take a deck of dark blue and a deck of bright blue cards and place each into its matching card holder.

  3. Roll the die to decide who will go first. Highest number rolled takes the first turn.

Game Play

On your turn:

  1. Roll the die.
  2. Move. Always move the full amount shown on the die.
  3. When you land on a space, answer a question!

One of the other players picks up the first card from the front of the appropriate card deck and reads out the question that matches the color of the space you're on. Each color corresponds to a category.

These are listed on the other side of these rules. Answers to the questions are printed on the back of the card. If you land on the center space during the game, you can choose any category for your question.


At the start of the game, move away from the center, along any of the spokes. When you reach the circular track, you can move in any direction. Plan your moves carefully so that you land on the space that suits you best.

Never retrace your steps on the same roll of the die. For example, you cannot roll a "5" and move three spaces clockwise, then two spaces counterclockwise. However, the next time you roll the die, you can decide to change direction and go the opposite way from your last move.

You can make your way to the other side of the board by cutting across the middle along the spokes. You can land on the same space as another player.

Correct Answers

If you answer the question correctly, roll the die again and take another turn. You can keep rolling and moving as long as you get the answers right-there's no limit to the number of turns you can take in a row.

Wrong Answers

Sorry, if you get it wrong, that's the end of your turn. The player to your left rolls

Wedge Spaces

There are six spaces around the board with a picture of a large colored wedge. If you answer a question correctly when you land on a wedge space, place a matching-colored scoring wedge into your scoring token! Then roll the die and take another turn.

If you get the answer wrong, you'll have to move off the space and along the path on your next turn before you can come back and try to win a wedge of that color. You do not have to try that category immediately; you may move elsewhere on the board and return to it later.

If you land on the same wedge space later in the game and you already have a wedge of that color, treat it as an ordinary space and answer a question from the matching category.

Roll Again Spaces

When you land on one of these spaces, you may roll the die again.

Shortcut Spaces

There are six spaces around the board with a picture of a small colored wedge.

When you land on one of these shortcut spaces by exact count, move directly to the matching-colored wedge space. Answer the question correctly to win a wedge of that color.

End of the Game

As soon as you have won a scoring wedge of each different color, start making your way back to the center space and try to land there by exact count.

If you overshoot, keep playing, answering questions in the categories you land on, until you land on the center.

When you get to the center, the other players (without looking at any cards) decide from which category you will have to answer a final, deciding question.

If you get the answer wrong, leave the center space on your next turn and return later (landing by exact count) to try again.

If you answer the deciding question correctly, you win the game!

Question Categories

  • BLUE: Geography

  • PINK: Entertainment

  • YELLOW: History

  • PURPLE: Art & Culture

  • GREEN: Science & Nature

  • ORANGE: Sport & Leisure

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