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Trash Pandas LOVE shiny objects. Use a Shiny card to distract another player while you steal one of their stashed cards.

Add that card to your hand. You may steal a face up or face down card. If you steal a face down card, you do not look at it until you have taken it.

The target player may use a Doggo or Kitteh from their hand to block this action. If they do, discard the Shiny card.

Yum Yum

Also known as chocolate. Yum Yum is played on another player's turn to force them to take an additional roll once they have decided to stop.

If the player busts, they may use Blammo! or Nanners cards as normal. If the player does not bust, they may decide to continue their turn instead of stop- ping as they had originally planned.


Stinky, but tasty. Use a Feesh card to look through the discard pile and fish (take) any one card.

If possible, you may use that new card on this same turn. i .e. - you may take a Blammo! or Nanners to prevent a bust.

Mmm Pie!

Everyone loves leftover pizza. Use MMM Pie! when resolving your token results to resolve a token a second time.

For example, if you use it to resolve the Trash Can token, you would draw four cards instead of two. Note: You may NOT use multiple MMM Pie! cards on a single token.


Trash Pandas go bananas for Nanners. Nanners are used when you are about to bust.

Discard the Nanners card to cancel your last die roll. It is treated as if it was not rolled and you had decided to stop.

Once a Nanners is played, you may not continue rolling unless another player uses a Yum Yum card on you.


Also known as carbonated energy. Use a Blammo! to re-roll, ignoring the previous result.

This is often done to prevent a bust, but you may decide to re- roll a die before busting if you want to try for a different result.

When stashed, Blammo! cards are treated differently from other point cards as they are each worth one point, regardless of majority.


This hulking dog is not happy about all these garbage shenanigans.

If another player tries to steal from you, discard Doggo to prevent them from doing so. As a bonus, you may immediately draw two cards from the trash can.

Note: If there are fewer than two cards, draw what's available.


This cat is neither soft, nor warm - it is a cold and evil ball of fur. If another player targets you with a Steal action, you may discard a Kitteh card to turn the tables on them.

Instead of them taking a random card from your hand, you take a random card from their hand. (That player may use a Doggo card or another Kitteh card to defend against this).

If you use a Kitteh to defend against a Shiny steal attempt, you would then steal from that opponent's stashed cards as if you were using a Shiny card.

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