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Partners Game

The basic rules of "Trap the Cap" are followed, except that when there are 4 players they split into two teams. Each player still throws for himself and may only move his own caps.

However, each pair of players only traps caps belonging to the opposing team. Each player may free not only his own caps but also those of his partner. The winner will not be a single-player, but a team of 2.

Total Partners Game

This variation is played just like the "Partners Game", except that when a player throws the dice he may move any cap belonging to his team. For example, if blue and yellow are playing together, the blue player can also move yellow caps if this will help his team.

The Tower Race

This game is played to the basic rules, except that once caps have moved out of their hideout, they may not return to it. This means that it is not possible to lock up captured caps.

At the end of the game, there will be just one very tall tower of caps. The player whose cap is on top is the winner.

The Golden Cap Game

As in the basic game, each player starts with his caps in his hideout. The golden cap is placed on the square in the center of the board.

Each player now tries to trap the golden cap and get it back to his hideout, thereby setting it free. Whoever has the golden cap has a strong advantage:

  • he can attack opposing caps on the resting places as well as in the normal way

  • the golden cap can move forwards and backwards in the same move and so catch more than one cap in the same go.

For example, if the player throws a 5, he may move forwards 2 spaces, trap a cap and then move back 3 spaces to trap another cap.

So all caps who are within 6 spaces of the golden cap are in danger.

However, the golden cap can be captured by other players in the usual way.

Before the start of the game, players agree on how the winner shall be decided. It can either be the player who owns the golden cap at the end or the player who has the most prisoners.

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