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Rating: 4.2 Passable
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-6 players
Playing time: 30 minutes

Created by: C. A. N. Neves, Dr. Fritz Ehlotzky, Herbert Leupin

Published by: (Unknown), Carlit, Creative Playthings

Alternate Names: Bunte Hüte fangen, Caça ao Chapéu, Caccia al Capello!, Caccia Cappello!, Cap the Dunce


An age-old children's game, for which multiple variants exist. Multiple editors and editions.

In the common version of the game, players roll the dice to move their "caps" around the board.

If a player lands on another cap or a stack of caps, that player captures the stack by nesting his or her cap on top of the stack. A player then seeks to return that stack of caps to home-base to keep them.

The game ends when there is only one active color of caps left on the board. In one version of the game, the winner is the player who captured the most caps of other colors during the course of the game.

In the other version of the game, the player who has active caps left on the board is the winner.

According to Miscellaneous Game Book this was first published in 1927 by Otto Maier Verlag. It led to many copycats, including two from Spears.

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