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All rules of the basic game still apply with the following exceptions:


The setup is similar to the two-player game for the Building cards (only one of each, plus a second Industry); however, use the solo side of the Tramways Schedule board.

Use 2 different Generic cards like in the base game. Use 3 random modular map boards to build a 1x3 map. As usual, there must be at least 4 x gray Parcel spaces, so replace boards until you have at least 4.

Note: You can arrange the boards however you like; just be aware that the more square the map is, the easier the game will be.

As usual, use the Parcel cards that correspond to the gray Parcel spaces on the map. Shuffle these, draw 4, and mark the corresponding Parcel spaces on the map as yours. Shuffle any remaining Parcel cards together with all of the Auction cards to create the Auction deck.

Original DC rule: Draw 6 Development cards and place them in 2 decks of 3 cards, the topmost always face up, to form the Ticket Books. Take 1 Ticket into your hand from a Ticket Book just like in the multiplayer game. Alternate DC Rule: Same as the multiplayer game.

Shuffle the Auction deck, which contains a certain portion of the Parcel cards with all the Auction cards ( + + + ). That constitutes the Auction deck, face-down.

Auction Phase

There is no auction in this phase, but you will get one card from the Auction deck card as follows:

Repeat this process until you get one new card in your hand:

  1. Pay $1 for each card in the line (that is $0 the first time you do this procedure each Round).

  2. Reveal one card from the Auction deck. This card is now the newest card in the line.

  3. You may take the newest card, add it to your hand, and increase your Stress by one. If you do, discard the rest of the line; this phase is done.

  4. You may choose another card earlier in the line, and add this new card to your hand, without increasing your Stress. If you do, discard the rest of the line; this phase is done.

  5. Start over at Step 1.

If the Auction deck runs out of cards, shuffle the discard to form the new deck.

You may pay the money with your cash and/or Money Action Icons, just like in a multiplayer game. If you do not have enough money to reveal another card, you must take one of the cards already in the line.

Play both portions of the game (Rounds 1-5 and Round 6). You automatically increase your Stress level by 2 when you start Round 6.

End of the Game

At the end, check your HP against the rankings below.

  • 0-19: Dismal
  • 20-29: Sad
  • 30-39: Surly
  • 40-49: Content
  • 50-59: Satisfied
  • 60-69: Merry
  • 70-79: Delighted
  • 80-89: Exuberant
  • 90-99: Euphoric
  • 100+: Ecstatic

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