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To play the game solo, follow the standard rules but with the following changes:

  • During Preparations, use only the Blue Bonus Cards marked "#2" Return bonus cards marked "#1" to the box.

  • When connecting a pair of villages, you score bonus points as long as the corresponding bonus card is present.

    However, after round 1 when using Isla Petit, or after round 2 when using Isla Grande, shuffle all Blue Bonus Cards that are remaining on the table.

    Draw 2 of these cards and place them face up in the middle of the table, and return any remaining cards to the game box. In the last round, there will only be 2 bonus cards in play.

    Rare Case: If you have completed at least 3 bonus cards before the last round, any remaining cards will remain in play (they are not shufflied, and no cards are removed).

  • Try to get as high score as possible. use the table below to see how successful you were. you may also use this table in a multiplayer game, but scores may vary with the number of players.

AchievementIsla PetitIsla Grande
You're better than a yeti, at least50+110+
You get a day off on the beach60+125+
Dinner at the Mayor's house70+140+
Your name is engraved on the obelisk80+155+
Even the sea monsters are shocked90+170+
Too good for Tucana100+185+

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