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Prince Mochi has traveled from Mochi Kingdom to propose to his beloved Princess Tofu. Her stepmother, the widowed Queen Tofu, wishes to marry the prince herself and has disguised the princess.

She tells the prince he only has one chance to pick out the princess from a line of veiled women, but allows him to ask the people of the castle questions to aid his guessing efforts.

He quickly realizes that not everybody in the castle is there to help him, and he must determine who to trust and who to be wary of because whoever he chooses he must marry on sight!

To plunge yourself into the Tofu Kingdom drama, and learn all about the alliances in the game, read the backstory for each character:

The Characters

Those in favor of the royal marriage between the prince and princess:

Prince Mochi (Grilled Rice Cake)

He traveled far from Mochi Kingdom to Tofu Kingdom where he met Princess Tofu, who had snuck out of the palace to explore. The two became traveling companions and fell in love.

After returning to his kingdom and reporting to his father (the King of Mochi Kingdom), Prince Mochi has made another trip to Tofu Kingdom to propose to the princess.

Princess Tofu (Silken Tofu)

She grew up without her mother, as she had died during delivery. Her father, King Tofu, indulged her to no end during her childhood.

However, he remarried when she was twelve years old and then suspiciously died of poisoning shortly thereafter.

Her stepmother rose to the throne and became the present Queen Tofu. With her new power the queen began to mistreat Princess Tofu, prompting her frequent escapades outside of the palace.

Tofu Chef (Crispy Tofu)

He used to be Princess Tofu's playmate when they were little, and he treats the princess as if she were his own sister.

His mother was the former Royal Chef who was accused of poisoning King Tofu, and the entire family was thrown in jail as a result. It was Princess Tofu who testified that she caught the former Royal Chef sneaking a taste of the king's meal prior to the incident, and thus the chef could not have been the one who poisoned the king.

The princess' testimony saved Tofu Chef's entire family, so he is indebted to her. The king's death by poison has remained a mystery ever since.

Queen Tofu (Fried Tofu)

She has lived an obscenely extravagant lifestyle since her accession to the throne. She fell hopelessly in love with the handsome Prince Mochi the first time she saw him, and has been plotting to steal him away from her step-daughter ever since.

This is why she issued a decree that Prince Mochi must, without making any physical contact, guess who the real Princess Tofu is from a group of veiled women.

She also declared that he must marry the woman he chooses, regardless of whether she is the princess or not. Sneakily, she has placed herself in the line of women (hoping that he is tricked and chooses her).

Tofu Minister (Spongy Tofu)

He was Queen Tofu's accomplice in the poisoning and murder of the king.

He was also the brains behind the scheme to make Prince Mochi pick out the princess from a line of veiled women.

He has been secretly smuggling puddings made of industrial chemicals from Pudding Kingdom for his own personal gain.

Tofu Guard (Firm Tofu)

He was Queen Tofu's lover before she married the king.

He is still deeply in love with her and would do anything the queen asks of him.

Those who want the prince to marry neither the princess nor the queen:

Pudding Spy (Milk Pudding)

He is actually the princess of Pudding Kingdom. The three kingdoms (Pudding, Mochi, and Tofu) maintained a friendly relationship before the death of King Tofu.

However, after Queen Tofu took over the throne she not only started incessant invasions of Pudding Kingdom, but also accused Pudding Kingdom of poisoning and killing King Tofu.

In order to spy on the truth behind King Tofu's death, Princess Pudding decided to disguise herself as a man and travel to Tofu Kingdom. By chance, she came upon Prince Mochi and his entourage on their way to ask the princess for her hand in marriage.

She realized it would be terrible for her kingdom if Tofu Kingdom and Mochi Kingdom were to form an alliance, and decided to sabotage any potential unions.

Tofu Maid (Egg Tofu)

She grew up with Princess Tofu, who treated her like a baby sister.

She covers for the princess during her escapades by dressing up as the princess to fool the guards.

She met and fell in love with the spy from Pudding Kingdom at court, and would do anything to make the Pudding Spy happy.

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