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An agent cannot leave such a card before resolving the test.

Neutral Shield

Difficulty of a test.

Skull Shield

Shield that can trigger a riposte during a test.

Time Shield

Shield that causes the loss of Temporal Units.

Heart Shield

Shield that causes the loss of Life Points.

Special Shield

Shield whose effect varies depending on the scenario played.

Grey Shield

Indicates any type of shield.

Immediately eliminate an opponent.

Temporal Unit lost by the entire group (during which no one can perform actions).

Temporal Unit lost by an agent (during which the other agents can act normally).

Add 3 successes to the result of your die roll.

State Token

Earned by the agents during the scenario.

Resource token (4 colors: yellow, brown, blue, green) Represent many types of consumable resources, the nature of which varies depending on the scenario.

Indicates any type of resource token.

Life Point (LP)

When a receptacle no longer has any Life Points, it dies.

Gain 3 TU.


Protects your receptacle from damage caused by a test.

You cannot access this card until you are authorized to do so.

If no agents move to this card when the location is opened, it is discarded.

At least one agent must move onto this card when the location is opened.

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