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Can the Hound be bombed?

No, Bombs cannot be used to take the hound (and the right to lead). Bombs can only be played (even out of turn) on a card combination (or single card) on the table. You may bomb your own trick, if you want. When 3 players pass in turn order, any player may bomb before the trick isconsidered over.

When can a bomb be played on a Mah Jong?

The best way to answer is with an exampleHere is an example. Player 1 leads the Mah Jong and wishes an 8. Between Player 1 and 2 (out of turn) all players (including players 1 and 2) may bomb (without fullfilling the wish).

When player 2 has a hand like 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,K,K,K he may (before his turn) play the K-bomb. After all other players have passed, he must lead the next trick (and fullfill the wish) with his sequence. If another player had a sequence bomb with an 8 he'd have to play it over the K-bomb in his turn.

When must a player fullfill the wish of the Mah Jong?

In his ordinary turn only. A player does not need to fullfill a wish of the Mah Jong when playing a bomb out of turn. However, if he wins the trick with the bomb, he has to lead the next trick and must fullfill the wish then (see also the example above).

Does the Dragon give away a bombed trick?

No. As the Dragon did not win, he does not control the trick.

Do I have to use the Phoenix to fullfill a wish?

If a player does not have a card of the desired rank, he is not obliged to fullfill the wish even if he has the Phoenix (which is not considered a card of the desired rank, even though it can be a joker).

The next player who has a card of the desired rank and can lawfully play it, must play it. Even if he has to play a bomb or a sequence of appropriate length with the Phoenix.

What happens to the last trick of the hand (when the 3rd player plays his last card(s)?

The trick is ended immediatly, but is still given away if won by the Dragon.

What happens if two players want to play a bomb at the same time?

This happens very rarely and the solution of the problem is usually obvious.

However (if you need a rule): Tichu should not be a game of reaction, fast play should not give any advantage: bombs can be played before ordinary combinations and multiple bombs can be played in order of play.

BUT: if a player after 5 seconds of thinking decides to play the Dragon, no other player can claim to play a bomb at the same time (and therefore before the dragon). If a player wants more time to think about his play, whether it is his turn or not, he must ask the other players to wait until his considerations are done.

What if two players of the same team call a Tichu at the same time?

This is a problem with online games, but very rare in normal games. In a tournament, I'd say that the second player, in turn order, may withdraw his Tichu if he wishes.

However, do not allow players to claim having called a Tichu at the same time, unless it was really simultaneous. If there is a delay, the two Tichus stand, giving that team a serious problem.

Is 3,3,3,3,Phoenix a valid full house?

No. This case is not covered by our rules, but we require the owner of a bomb and the Phoenix to play his hand without this strange kind of full house.

Can I play a sequence-bomb as a normal sequence?

No. This is also not covered by the rules, but who wants to give preference to those lucky players always having bombs?

Can we play in clockwise order instead?

Yes, if you are more comfortable with clockwise order of play, please use that instead. Just change all the rules to switch the direction of play. If you are also more comfortable dealing the cards instead of taking them, then have the person who shuffles the cards also deal them.

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