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Expedition Cards

Green cards help you clear a path through the jungle.

Blue cards give you paddles to move across rivers.

Yellow cards give you coins to travel through villages or hire new team members.

White jokers allow you to choose one of the three symbols whenever you play them: machete, paddle, or coin.

Action Cards

Purple action cards can be played at any time during your turn, either while moving or while buying. Follow the card's instructions and then continue playing. Don't forget to remove cards with the symbol from the game after using them!

Draw 1 card from your draw pile. Then choose up to 1 card in your hand

When you play the Transmitter you may take any expedition card without paying for it.

Choose any card on the market board or next to it. Put the new card on your discard pile, as usual. Remember to remove the Transmitter from the game after using it.

The Cartographer allows you to draw 2 cards from your draw pile and play them this turn. If your draw pile is empty, first shuffle your discard pile as usual, then draw.

Use the Scientist to optimize your expedition. She allows you to immediately draw an additional card and then, if you want to, you may remove any card in your hand from the game.

The Compass allows you to draw 3 cards, but you must remove it from the game after use.

The Travel Log lets you draw 2 cards and then remove up to 2 cards in your hand from the game. Unfortunately, the Travel Log then removes itself from the game.

The Native knows the lay of the land and always lets you move one space when played. Ignore that space's requirements and just place your piece on it. The Native can also tear down blockades, but you can't use it to move to an occupied space or onto a mountain space.

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