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Try to get as high score as possible. 200+ points is a victory (which is quite challenging). But maybe you want to challenge yourself even more?

With 220+ points, you may call yourself Ringmaster; with 240+ points, you are simply Magnificent!

Setup Changes

Roll 1 die of each color + 2 clear dice and place them on the main tent. The remaining dice are placed in a reserve near the game board. Fill the MAIN DISPLAY with 4 master cards and 4 trainer tiles.

Draw another 6 master cards and choose 4 that you place in front of you as your starting cards. Shuffle the two leftover cards back into the deck. Draw 2 random trainer tiles from the deck and place one in your trainer area.

Shuffle the other back into the deck. Place hat figures of unused player colors on spaces 6, 10 and 16 of the performance track. These spaces will be occupied for the whole game.

Game Play Changes

At the beginning of each turn (even the first), you may discard any one card from the poster display.

Take one die from the reserve of the color indicated by the bottom symbol (orange, green or purple) on this card, roll it and add it to the main tent. Replenish the poster display with a new card from the deck.

Round End Changes

When choosing a set of master card + trainer tile from the main display, your choices are limited by your position on the performance track.

Before you choose a set, for each hat figure above your own hat figure, discard the topmost set (e.g. with two hats above you, discard the two topmost sets).

Discard all remaining cards and tiles from the main display and refill the display as normal. Start a new round by rolling 1 die of each color + 2 clear dice and place them on the main tent. All remaining dice are placed into the reserve.

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