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In this version you will work alone to keep your explorers alive and bring them glory. These rules are broadly similar to the cooperative version, and those rules should be read first.


Choose one explorer of each Expertise, then take three Ammunition tokens and three Food tokens to form your team area. Place three Health tokens on each explorer.

Lay out all nine expedition cards in the centre of the table, ending in the lost city, and place a pawn on the first expedition card. Shuffle the adventure cards and deal yourself six. In this version the rules for Morning and Evening are slightly different.


As usual, in the Morning, the cards will be rearranged in number order as they are added to the path. However you'll be playing cards from your hand and from the top of the deck.

First, draw two cards from the deck, and place them on the table to form the start of the path. Next play two cards from your hand to the path. Then draw a third card from the deck and add it to the path. Finally , play a third card from your hand to the path.

Resolve the cards from left to right, and remember to lose one Food when you finish.


In the Evening, cards will remain in the order in which they are played; however, you may now add to either the start or the end of the path. Begin by playing one card from your hand to form the path. You may now either draw a card from the deck or play a card from your hand, and place it to the left or the right of the path cards already on the table.

Repeat this until you have played all the cards in your hand and drawn three cards from the deck, creating a path which is six cards long. Resolve the cards from left to right, and remember to lose one Food once you have finished. Then draw another six cards for your hand, and begin a new Morning.

In the Evening you may take a card from your hand or the top of the deck, and place it to the left or right of the cards in the path.

End of the Game

As with the cooperative version, the game ends in three possible ways:

  1. The moment the pawn gets to the lost city of Z, you win.

  2. If all three explorers are dead, you lose.

  3. If the adventure deck runs out cards for a second time, you lose.

It's also possible to score points in this version. At the game's end, score one point for each remaining Food and Ammunition token, one point for each unused Expertise card in your team area, and five points if you have not yet shuffled the deck.

Multiply your points by the number of surviving explorers to get your final score.

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