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Unlimited Wealth (to discover the game)

It is possible to gain more than 40F. Whenever you have more than 40F, take four 10F Checks and start your disc back at the beginning of the Wealth Track.

First Come, First Served (for beginners, or for a slightly faster game)

When welcoming travelers, the first player does not decide in which room to lodge each of the travelers who arrives, but instead lodges them according to the order in which they arrive: The first traveler goes in Room #1; the second in Room #2; etc.

Solitaire Game

The solitaire game is played the same way, with the following exceptions:


  1. Build the Guest deck by removing 34 cards (short game) or 26 cards (long game).

  2. Place 1 Key token of your color and 3 Key tokens of a neutral color on the doors of the inn.

  3. In addition to the 2 Peasants in your hand, place 2 Peasants in the bistro.

Object of the Game

You lose the game if you have any unburied corpses either during a Police Investigation or at the end of the game.

Your goal is to get the best score you can. In a long game, check your rank according to your score:

  • 110f-129f: worrying innkeeper

  • 130f-149f: hazardous innkeeper

  • 150f-169f: evil innkeeper

  • >170F: demonic innkeeper

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