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If there are no other players available, That's Pretty clever can be played in solo mode. The solo game is about collecting as many points as possible. The rules of the game remain largely unchanged.

The solo game is played over six rounds. The player starts as an active player. Then he takes on the role of the passive player, before he becomes an active player again, etc. Thus, he takes on the role of active player and passive player six times before game end.

When taking on the role of passive player, he rolls all six dice, and places the three lowest valued dice onto the silver tray. In the case of a tie, the player chooses the die that landed closest to the silver tray to place on it.

Important: No actions can be used in the passive player role.

Example: The player rolls:

As a passive player, the player places these three dice on the silver tray.

The blue 1 and the purple 2 because they are the lowest dice, and the orange 3 because of it is the closest 3-valued die to the silver tray.

How "clever" a player has played is shown in the following table.

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