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  • 32 wooden shapes (8 squares, triangles, circles, and stars) 16 cupcake cards
  • 1 sprinkle shaker
  • 1 custom die
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Collect the most cupcakes by matching the colored wooden shapes that pour out from the sprinkle shaker to the colored shapes on the cupcake cards.


Place all the colored wooden shapes into the sprinkle shaker through the opening at the top and put the shaker within reach of all players.

Take the top of the game box and place it open side-up into the center of the playing area.

Shuffle the cupcake cards and stack them face down in the middle. Now turn over the top four cards in a face up row within view of all players.

Game Play

The last player to eat an entire cupcake goes first and play continues to the left. On your turn, roll the die.

The die indicates how many times you may shake the shaker. (For example: if you rolled a three, you may shake it three times). Then take the sprinkle shaker and shake it as follows:

  • Hold the sprinkle shaker in your hand with the opening facing up. Cover the opening with your other hand and shake it so the sprinkles get well mixed. Then remove the hand that's covering the opening.

  • Hold the sprinkle shaker over the open game box. Turn the shaker so that the opening faces down into the box and shake it the number of times equal to the number you rolled.

    Then turn it upright again and set it back down on the playing surface.

Did any shapes pour out

If so, look at the face up cupcake cards and see if any of the shapes match both a shape and color on a card.

Place any matching shapes onto the corresponding cards and put the rest back into the sprinkle shaker. Pass the shaker to the player on your left.

If nothing came out of the shaker, simply pass it to the left.

Take the Cake

If you fill all of the shapes on one or more cards during your turn, you get to take the cake!

Move the card(s) along with the shape(s) in front of you and then replenish with new cards from the draw pile.

End of the Game

The game ends when there are no more shapes left in the sprinkle shaker.

At that point, everyone counts up the number of cupcakes they collected. Whoever has the most wins.

In case of a tie, whoever has the most shapes wins.

Variation for Experienced Players

Setup is the same as the regular game except deal each player two face up cupcake cards. Stack the rest of the cards face down in the middle. Place the die within easy reach of everyone.

On your turn, roll the die and shake the shaker A equal to the number on the die. Then compare the shapes that fell out to your two cards.

If you can fill one or more cards, collect the shape(s) and replace any completed card(s) with new ones from the stack. Place any unmatched shapes back in the shaker and pass it to the next player.

The game ends when the last card has been drawn from the stack. Play until one player matches all the shapes on the next card. Then, count up the number of shapes and whoever has the most wins.

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