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  • 64 Playing cards
  • 2 Instruction cards


Shuffle and then distribute all cards evenly face down to all players.

Object of the Game

Get rid of all your cards and be the first to slap a match.

Tutorial Video

Game Play

The person to the dealer's left puts a card into the center, face-up, saying "Taco". The player on his left then puts his/her card face-up on top of his/her, while saying "Cat".

Play continues in this way (going "Taco", "Cat", "Goat", "Cheese", "Pizza") until the following happens:

The card just laid matches the card spoken by the player (e.g., they put down 'Pizza' while saying, "Pizza!").

At this point, all the players must SLAP their hands on top of the pile of cards in the center, and the last player to do so takes the entire pile, and puts them on the bottom of the pile in his/her hand.

He/She then starts off the next round saying, "Taco", the next player, "Cat", next "Goat",…ETC".

Special Cards

All players must complete the action below immediately when a special card is revealed, and then slap the pile.

If a player does the wrong action or are the last to slap the pile, they must pick up the cards.


All Players beat their chest.


Slap both hands quickly on the table.


Slap your hands above your head to form a horn.

End of the Game

The game ends when a player with no remaining cards is the first to correctly slap a match or special card.

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