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Swintus Junior is the latest addition to the piggish series of games which is designed for the youngest players. It is different from the adult versions due to simplified rules and illustrations designed specifically for kids.

The object of the game is incredibly simple - you must get rid of your cards before your opponents do. You will be helped by a team of Superpigs.

Meet our heroes: the super-fast Stompy, the Greedy-Piggy, the Whirly-Piglet, the Snoring Pig, the color-changing Pigameleon, the secretive Silent-Piggy and the strict Smarty.


  • 28 supercards
  • 64 number cards
  • Instructions

Game Objective

The first player to get rid of all his cards wins the game.

Game Play

Shuffle the deck and deal eight cards to each player. Put the deck face down in the center of the table. The dealer draws the deck's top card and lays it face up.

This card becomes the playing stack. The youngest player starts the game, and the players take turns until one of them gets rid of all his cards.

Pick a Card, but Not any Card

When his turn comes, the player must play one card to the top of the playing stack. This card must match the previous card (the one it is placed on) by either color or value.

For example, if the top card of the playing stack is a green seven, the next player must play either any green card ora seven of any color.

If the player does not have any cards he can play (or simply doesn't want to play them), he draws the deck's top card. If the card can be played right away, he may do so. The turn then passes to the next player in a clockwise direction.


Right before playing or giving another player the second to last card, the player must look over his opponents with scorn and proclaim, "Swintus!"

If he doesn't do this, any of his opponents may "catch" him with only one card left and force him to draw three cards from the deck as a penalty. However, this can only be done until the next player completes his turn.


Many cards in the deck have at least two copies (two blue fives, two orange Stompies, and so on). If someone plays a card whose copy you have in hand, you can complete an intercept and play this card without waiting for your turn. When you're done, the player whose turn is after you goes next.


If the player that goes before you plays the Snoring Pig or Greedy-Piggy card, you can play the same card (not necessarily of the same color).

This causes the player that goes after you to skip a turn (in case of Snoring Pig) or skip a turn and draw six cards (in case of Greedy-Piggy - 3 cards for each Greedy-Piggy played in row). However, he can also "transfer" the cards further, getting the next player into even more trouble.

Don't Tarry

seconds. The same penalty of drawing two cards and skipping turn is imposed on a player who attempts an illegal move either by not following the game's general rules or

Swintus is especially interesting when the game is played at a dynamic flow. If a player tarries when his turn comes, he skips a turn and draws two cards from the deck.

You can regulate your own playing speed, but we recommend limiting the thinking time to 2-5 instructions of specific cards. On top of the penalty, the offending player must also correct his wrongdoing, for instance by taking back the incorrectly played card.

If a deck runs out of cards, shuffle the playing stack (except for the top card) and use it as a deck.

The round ends as soon as one player gets rid of his last card (having observed all the rules). This happens even when the card (such as Stompy, for example) forces him to perform some additional actions.


Greedy-Piggy- the next player draws three cards from the deck and skips his turn.

Whirly-Piglet - changes the direction of the game, which now moves in a counter- clockwise direction (subsequent uses of the card in the same round keep reversing the direction back and forth).

Snoring Pig - the next player skips his turn.

Pigameleon - can be played on any card. The player calls out the color of the card that the next player must play. Pigameleon may be used even if the player has other cards he can play. The player may select any one of the four colors, including the one Pigameleon was played on.

Silent-Piggy - all players must remain completely silent until the player who used this card plays another card. Anyone who violates the silence lifts the ban prematurely, but must draw two cards from the deck.

Stompy - immediately after this card is played, all players must put a hand on the deck. Whoever's hand is last (the top one) draws two that their opponents must follow. Anyone who breaks

Smarty - gives unprecedented opportunities for player creativity. Using this card, players can now invent their own ridiculous rules the rule must draw two cards from the deck.

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