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Rating: 4.8 Moderate
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 3-10 players
Playing time: 10-2 minutes

Official Site: Swintus Junior - Official publisher page

Created by: Timofey Bokarev, Sergey Dulin

Published by: Cube Factory of Ideas, Hobby World, Igrology

Alternate Names: Prosiaki, Svintus Jr., Юный свинтус


Play with Superpigs

Svintus Junior is the latest addition to the piggish series of games which is geared towards the youngest players. It is different from the adult versions due to simplified rules and illustrations designed specifically for kids.

The object of the game is incredibly simple - you must get rid of your cards before your opponents do. You will be helped by a team of Superpigs.

Meet our heroes: the super-fast Lightning Pork, the Greedy-Piggy, the Cunning-Piglet, the Cool-Beans Pig, the color-changing Pigameleon, the secretive Mystery-Piggy and the strict Ms. Sauerbraten.

Swintus Junior is a commercial version of Crazy Eights, a public domain card game played with a standard deck of playing cards. Goal of the game - empty youre hand and catch opposing players with cards left in theirs.

Swintus Junior players attempt to play a card by matching its color, number, or word to the topmost card on the discard pile. If unable to play, players draw a card from the draw pile, and if still unable to play, they pass their turn.

There are special piggy cards which makes game more interesting, not easy and much

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