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  1. It is important that you give accurate information. When using the Room Robbery action, you must be careful about which gem tile you take.

    Be certain that you take a gem tile that matches one of the gem symbols in the room that your guest is in, otherwise your opponents will get false information.

    Likewise, when a player asks you a line of sight question, be certain that you are giving that player the correct answer.

  2. While you're learning the game, announce each action and what information it is revealing.

    Example #1: Player 1 uses the Room Robbery action and takes a Diamond gem tile. Any player should announce, "Player 1 took a Diamond, which means that she cannot be in this room, this room, this room, or this room, because those rooms do not have Diamonds.

    Therefore, you can cross off the characters in those rooms under Player 1's name on your Deduction Sheet".

    Example #2: Player 2 uses the Question a Player action and asks Player 1 if her guest can see Trudie Mudge.

    Any player should announce, "If Player 1's guest is in any of these rooms, she can see Trudie and must answer Yes. If she is in any of these other rooms, she cannot see Trudie and must answer No. "

  3. When answering questions, be sure to use the Yes and No cards to answer. If you accidentally say your answer out loud, you will be revealing information about your identity to the other players unnecessarily.

  4. Try to move your own guest into rooms that have the types of gems you need in order to complete gem sets (one gem tile of each type), because sets are worth more points.

    For example, if you currently have two Diamonds and two Rubies, but no Emeralds, you want to move into a room with Emeralds so you can complete a set with the Room Robbery action.

  5. Move other guests into rooms that will help conceal your own guest identity

    For example, if you are in a room with a Diamond symbol and you are going to steal a Diamond gem tile using the Room Robbery action, you can move other guests into rooms that also contain Diamond symbols so that when you steal the Diamond gem tile, the other players will find it more difficult to deduce your guest identity.

  6. You can adjust the length of the game by changing the number of gem tiles placed in the gem stacks during set up. For a shorter game, put fewer gem tiles in each stack.

    For a longer game, add more gem tiles to each stack. All three gem stacks should always start with the same number of gem tiles.

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