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In addition to this Master Set there are 3 other types of Summoner Wars Products Available.

Starter Sets

These contain 2 complete Faction Decks, a paper mat, dice, Wound Markers and a rulebook. Giving you everything needed to duel with 2 ready to play decks.

Faction Decks

These contain 1 complete ready to play Faction Deck.

Reinforcement Packs

These contain Units for a variety of factions as well as Mercenary Units.

Deck Building

In this set all of the Faction Decks are built for you and ready to play. However as you collect more Summoner Wars products you will be able to custom build a deck that fits your personal play style.


In other Summoner Wars products you will find a special kind of Unit Card called Mercenaries. Mercenary cards are gray and don't have a faction symbol. Mercenary cards can be included in ANY deck, up to a maximum of 6 Mercenary cards in a single deck.

Note: Mercenaries will have a different color of card back than the rest of the cards in your deck. This means that players will be able to tell when you have a Mercenary card on top of your Draw Pile or in your hand.

How To Build A Custom Deck

  • To custom build a Summoner Wars Deck you must start by choosing a Summoner. Collect that Summoner's Unit Card and Reference Card.

  • On your Summoner's Reference Card is a list of Event Cards. You must include in your deck each of the Event Cards listed and no more.

  • Also found on your Summoner's Reference Card is a 'Starting Set- Up'. A Summoner's Starting Set-Up is used to determine which cards will start the game on the Battlefield, and where on the Battlefield they will be placed when playing with that Summoner. You must include in your deck each of the cards that will be used in your Summoner's Starting Set-Up.

  • Next add 2 Wall Cards to your deck.

  • Finally, add enough Unit Cards to your deck so that you have a total of 18 Common Units and 3 Champion Units in your deck. All of the Units in your deck must belong to the same faction as your Summoner, with the exception of Mercenary Unit Cards. You can never have more than 1 copy of a specific Champion Unit in your deck and you can never have more than 10 copies of a specific Common Unit in your deck.

This means your custom deck will have a total of 1 Summoner, 9 Event Cards, 3 Wall Cards, 18 Common Units, and 3 Champion Units in it.

Adding More Players

There is only 1 Battlefield included in this Master Set allowing for 2 players to battle each other. However with the purchase of an additional Master Set, a Starter Set, or an additional Battlefield board you can play with up to 4 players.

3-4 Players

  1. To play a game with 3-4 players start by placing 2 Battlefields next to each other as shown in the example on page 20 of this rulebook.

  2. Next divide the players into 2 teams. Each player will select a deck and place their Starting Setup cards on the Battlefield. In a 3 player game 1 of the players will be on a team by themselves and that player will select 2 decks and play each of the 2 separate decks on 2 separate turns. When interpreting the rules a player who is playing 2 decks is treated as 2 separate players with 2 separate turns.

  3. Everyone rolls a die. The player with the highest roll must take the first turn. Re-roll ties.

  4. Play then passes back and forth as shown in the diagram on page 21.

When playing a 3-4 player game, it is possible that both players on 1 side may choose to play with a deck that includes Units that their teammate is also playing with. To help track which cards belong to which player, you may wish to sleeve your cards in an identifiable manner.

You may want to sleeve your cards in an opaque backed sleeve for tournament situations so that it is easier to identify your cards from an opponent's when you are both playing the same faction. This will also cover up which of your cards are Mercenaries. It is not only okay to do that, we suggest that you do.

Additional Rules For 3-4 Players

The rules for 3 or more players are the same as the rules for 2 players with a few additions:

  • When placing Wall Cards you may place them anywhere on your team's side of the Battlefield.

  • When moving, you may move from 1 Battlefield to the other, either by moving across the sides of the Battlefield Boards that are next to each other, or by moving from one far side of the Battlefield to the other far side of the Battlefield. Note: moving and attacking from one far side of the Battlefield to the other is not a legal move in the 2 player game.

  • Attacking works the same way as moving does in regards to having multiple Battlefield Boards in play. You may attack across 1 Battlefield Board, hitting a card on another Battlefield Board, as shown in the example on page 20 of this rule book.

  • When a player's Summoner is destroyed that player must discard all of their remaining cards, remove their Draw Pile and Discard Pile from the Battlefield, then place all of the cards in their Magic Pile face down on top of their teammate's Magic Pile. That player is now out of the game.

  • During your Build Magic Phase, in addition to being able to remove cards from your hand and place them in your Magic Pile, you may also remove any number of cards from your Magic Pile and place them face-down on top of a teammate's Magic Pile.

Multiple examples of how to move and attack in a 3-4 player game:

Example of how play passes in a 3-4 player game. Player 1 and Player 3 are on one team. Player 2 and Player 4 are on the other team:

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