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Rating: 8.5 Excellent
Players: 4-16 players
Playing time: 45-3 minutes

Created by: (Uncredited), (Uncredited)

Published by: Entrance Labs


Story Bowl is a multi-round party game where you get your team to guess 3-word micro-stories by speaking, acting, and squeaking.

Players use the reusable cards to quickly turn prompts (like "a nightmare you've had recently") into 3-word micro-stories (like "underwear speech school") based on their own experiences.

Then you take turns getting your team to guess as many micro-stories as possible. Once all the micro-stories have been guessed you move onto the next round.

With each round clue-giving becomes more restricted, but you'll develop new inside jokes together that will help make guessing easier.

  • Round 1: SPEAK: Say anything you want (except one of the 3 words)
  • Round 2: ACT: No more talking, only charades.
  • Round 3: SQUEAK: You are only allowed to say one word (and it can't be one of the 3 in the micro-story)!

After the last round, everyone can share the hidden stories behind their micro-stories!

Based on the public domain game known as Celebrities.

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