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  1. Do not neglect the civilization cards! Apart from the immediate gain of resources, food, and so on, they can earn a player many points during final scoring.

  2. Collect the civilization cards with the final scoring in mind. A wide selection of cards is usually not as effective as cards which work together.

    If you plan to add people to your player board, you must also plan increased food production to feed them. If you work this strategy properly, at game end you will have many people and your food marker wil be high on the food track.

    With this strategy, you should also plan to collect civilization cards with shamen and farmers, from the beginning. You should employ similar guidelines to other strategies.

  3. Further people figures, increased food production, and tools are valuable, since they are available for the rest of the game. In addition, a card, which costs only 1 resource, is always worth the price.

  4. Do not shrink from blocking other players' access to "cheap" resources, so that they are forced to buy their cards with more valuable resources.

  5. Consider blocking a building stack when it has 1 or 2 buildings left. Remember, when a building stack is exhausted, the game ends. If you do not want the game to end soon, then place one of your people figures on the stack with the intent of not acquiring the building.

    In this way, you can extend the length of the game by a round or two.

  6. Choose the order of using your people carefully. If you have, for example a people figure on a civilization card which gets you a tool, then you should take this card before you use your people figure in the quarry. In this way, you can use the tool, if necessary in the quarry.

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